What is an air compressor how does it work?

An is a tool that enables the generation of energy thanks to the understanding of air. It does this by exchanging energy between the machine and the fluid. The work carried out by the compressor is transmitted to the substance that circulates in its interior, thus becoming energy flow, thus increasing its pressure and its kinetic energy causing it to flow.

The air compressors in a few words are tools that converts power (using an electric motor, diesel or gasoline engine, etc.) into potential energy stored in pressurized air . By one of several methods, an air compressor forces more and more air into a storage tank, increasing the pressure.

Some applications of air compressors are:

  •  inflate various objects, such as balls or tires
  • used in cooling systems
  • generate electric energy
  • manufacture of some aircraft engines
  • compress different gases.

How to choose air compressors according its power?

To choose an air compressor we have to take into account a number of factors that are directly involved in their performance and in the type of use you want it for. (CV=coefficient of velocity)

Air compressors up to 2CV

These air compressors have a much lower power, so they are  suitable for domestic work, such as:

  • painting
  • varnishing
  • cleaning
  • inflating balloons
  • mattresses
  • tires

In comparison to other compressors their prices tend to be lower, although we must pay attention to other features before you buy one, such as its storage capacity, or the flow of air that each individual product offers us.

Air compressors up to 4CV

These are our best option if you are looking for a mid-point, i.e., a tool that will work both in the home and in professional tasks. Have a weight higher than the allowed, but are well worth it because they have greater leverage, also come with wheels for easy transport.

Air compressors more than 4CV. The compressors with a power greater than 4CV usually produced for strictly professional tasks, which require greater strength, as you are going to cut materials, breaking rocks, pouring concrete, among others.

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If you are interested in compressors for domestic uses, whose price is economic but that the unit will be functional, we recommend that you focus on the small air compressors, as their characteristics make them the most appropriate for this kind of uses. With them you can perform the following tasks.

  • Paint and varnish
  • Air compressors for the car: Inflate tires, balls, mattresses, toys and more
  • Cut materials

This kind of compressors, although small and designed to fulfill specific tasks, have a power that is also cost-effective, they are the most ideal for applications requiring low pressure and with a use not as constant as the other models.

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This kind of air compressors, cataloged as industrial, made a most arduous tasks that require a functioning of the unit a little more steadily than other models are not able to provide, with them we will be able to perform tasks such as for example:

  • Crushed rock
  • Pour concrete
  • Brush
  • Staple( Roofing work), among others

This kind of compressors are commonly seen in the industries, as they are used in the tasks that we mentioned earlier, you can even find in small workshops or service stations because they offer a higher air pressure for such tasks.

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Aspects to be taken into account when purchasing an air compressor

There are three main features that we have to take into account to be able to find the one that is most suited to our needs and they are as follows:

Air pressure: This is the pressure at which you can work with the compressor, and is measured in pounds, square inches, or pounds/inch, which is the same as PSI (Pound per Square Inch), it is also used as Bar (BAR).

Flow rate or volume: This is the ability of the compressor of the air on a unit of time and is measured in CFM (Cubic Feet Minute), which is the same as cubic feet per minute.

Power: it is the latter case, it is the ability to work with the compressor and is measured in CV (coefficient of velocity) or (Horse Power).

With these three main features we can find in the market and choose the best air compressor that best suits our needs.


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Types of Air Compressors

In the market you can find a wide range of compressors that we get to meet our needs, all with a unique design, since they are made with the intention to unfold in an area better than one another, therefore, lets look at the different types of air compressors.

As we can see there are a wide range of compressors, and the variety increases when we take into account the large number of brands and the different designs that we can find when we go to a store to purchase a compressor. Each one of them develops best in household tasks and industrial processes, so that it can be difficult to choose between the air compressor that is most suited to our needs, so sometimes it is best to consult an expert to be able to help us choose the best unit available in the market.

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Things To Take Into Account When Purchasing An Air Compressor

Each compressor uses a different method of feeding, there are fuel, such as gasoline or diesel, even there are some models that are capable of operating with kerosene, but these designs are very rare. On the other hand, there are models that can operate with an electric current, either out of  a socket or cigarette lighter on our cars, these tend to be portable compressors, which are for the more specific tasks then the other models of compressors, however, each of these models of compressors that work with a different source of power has its advantages and disadvantages.

The compressors that receive their power supply of fuels, such as diesel or gasoline tend to be more powerful than the compressors that run on electricity, however, these compressors tend to be more noisy than those who use other type of power source, but this allows them to have greater power.

These kind of compressors are the ones we can observe and find mostly in factories, repair workshops, service stations, among others, and its in the fact that they have a greater range of power for a greater variety of tasks, something that cannot be achieved with the compressors that work with electric charge.

The fuel supply air compressors can withstand long hours of work without any kind of inconvenience, which can be very feasible for those who are opting to purchase a compressor  for their companies or jobs where one of these units will make life a lot easier.

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Electric Powered Compressors

On the other hand, we have the compressors with electrical energy, despite the fact that these compressors tend to have less power to more specific tasks, they operate without any problem in home activities for which they are designed.

It is very common to find them among the tools of a vehicle, especially those who have the advantage that they can connect, load or turn directly from the car cigarette lighter, therefore are  recommended by experts, as we will be able to maintain the tires of our vehicles inflated without having to go to a service station, in addition to that we will be able to monitor the pressure of our tires, which is highly recommended.

These air compressors tend to be portable, since their lack of strength in comparison to the units that work with fuel, they make up for with an enviable mobility and versatility, that we will not be able to have with a compressor or with a compressor that runs on gasoline or diesel fuel, so they are very practical, some of which weigh up to 1 kg, and its size enables us to all sides without any type of effort or complications, in addition it should be noted that are much easier to use than a industrial air compressor or that you’ll find in a workshop or in a service station.

Final Verdict
According to our needs we must choose a compressor that fits our amenities. If we want a powerful unit that is going to be stationed in one place it is better to opt for a compressor that uses fuel such as gas or diesel, but if we want an air compressor that we can bring to all sides, it is better to opt for a compressor whose source of power is electric power, because it gives us more mobility and a sufficient strength.

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Air Compressor Specifications & Types

The air compressors can be very helpful tools that can be found in any store, its a good idea to know know the specifications that we have to take into account to find the air compressor that best suits our needs, because the great variety of these units on the market varies according to its use, size, and other characteristics that could make ultimately make or break the decision when looking for the right air compressor that is most suited for your needs. 

For domestic tasks air compressors can be used usually to inflate a balloon or the tires of our car, while in industrial areas they are used to operate a wide variety of tools. This is why we have to take into account many features before going to the market to purchase our air compressor.

The compressors are very useful tools that we can have in our workshop, in our company for industrial use, in our home to very specific chores or even among tools, however, each compressor model has different characteristics that is worth knowing, since that will help us to find the best unit for us.

Refrigeration compressors

There are many ways to classify the different characteristics of the air compressors, which we can find in the market, suitable for use in cold storage facilities. It is worth noting that we can set up two working groups, focusing on their technological differences or operation.

Positive displacement machines and Aerodynamic machines
The choice of a compressor depends on several factors, and at every step it is recommended that you use the most suitable. Among these features are most important.

  • Dimension and weight
  • Vibration and inertia of its moving parts
  • Calls from the mechanical point of view
  • Regulation of the flow or not
  • Conditions of oil or coolant mixture
  • Characteristics of the flow or pressure
  • Compression ratio

Each one of these compressors can be driven by any kind of engine known, whether by combustion (fuel such as petrol or diesel), or by electric motors. There are also those who work with gas, or by an alternative engine turbine. It is important to know the characteristics and performance of each type of compressor.

Compressor aerodynamic

The main advantage of these compressors is that they do not contaminate the refrigerant with the air, despite the fact that the flow that moves is very variable depending on the fluctuations of the pressure, so it is a good option if you want to purchase a compressor for your workshop or industry.

Centrifugal Compressors

Moves large volume of refrigerant gas, usually with low compression. The compression that you get for the acceleration of the gas in the rotor so that in the increase in the square of the peripheral speed, you increase the value of compression. For each speed, a compressor of this type gives a compression ratio that is  the most maximum obtainable.

This forces us to choose a centrifugal compressor for maximum operating speeds, since it does not have the flexibility of other models.

Axial flow compressor
They are of a similar nature to the previous ones, are used more than anything else in chemical industries and applications of air conditioning or air compression with large volumes. Big dimensions, a greater weight and greater simplification of auxiliary elements, due to its lower noise, vibration and greater ease of soundproofing.

Rotary compressors

The movement of the rotary machines is circular and uninterrupted. They are characterized by having direct coupling of the engine, in addition do not have intake valves or aspiration, circulating the gas in the same direction. Are capable of supporting high compression ratios, as the oil with which they have grease fittings, which has become very abundant, fulfills the function of a refrigerant, by subtracting the heat produced by the effect of the compression. It should be noted that the single rotor can be of pallets or rotary piston.

Screw Compressors

These air compressors first of all come with two rotors, which can be either gear or screws. The latter have in its structure two rotors in the form of helix, one primary and one that is the so-called auxiliary. The principal has in general four coil of a section similar to a circle and the auxiliary has six channels that correspond to the profile of the main rotor. We can see that both models turn in the opposite direction. The gas due to rotation, is like a prisoner between the spaces of the stator, being transported from one end of the gear to the other, where is the inlet and the exhaust, parts that are essential for the operation cycle of this model of compressor to operate correctly, giving us one of the best qualities at the time to work with it, doing so makes this model of air compressor, one of the best.

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🏆Best Air Compressor Reviews 2018

Overview of the air compressor Senco PC1010

Senco is one of the most recognized brands at the international level, in what refers to the development of DIY tools. For years has offered its customers a wide range of products of the best quality due to the excellent materials with which  they produce its work units, either for professional or home use, which enables them to give you a prolonged use of their tools, which is beneficial as we make use of them for a long time before damage.Which is very profitable for our pocket. Because of this Senco has been one of the most sought-after brands among the experts in the field of DIY.

The air compressor Senco PC1010 is one of the most requested of the Senco Company,thanks to this we can use it for a long time to our various activities both at home and at he workplace.

In this high-power compressor we find many virtues that will help us to perform our jobs with an ease and enviable quality, as no other air compressor will offer this same power that gives us the air compressor Senco PC1010

First of all, we have a power of 0.5 HP, which is difficult to find in a compressor that is affordable and a practical size, in addition to the fuel tank of this air compressor has a capacity of 3.8 liters, which will allow us to upload it and it will run for a long time without interruptions, which will allow us to carry out our task to an enviable speed, while results of the highest quality.

The air compressor Senco PC1010 has a pump that does not require oil, so we don’t have to worry about making a constant maintenance in this aspect, since it does not require a change of oil on each occasion that you are going to use, which saves us time and money, it is very feasible for us if we are a cost-effective air compressor that works perfectly in our home or in our area of work.

If you are looking for an air compressor for your home the Senco PC1010 is one of your best options because their level of loudness is quite low, what is feasible if we are looking for a compressor to perform domestic tasks, since their loudness level is 68 dB.This allows the air compressor Senco PC1010 between the semi-silent compressors that provide us with quality, power and economy.

A frequent problem of compressors is that they are really heavy, but this is not a problem for the air compressor Senco PC1010, because it is not as heavy as others of this type, with an approximate weight of 10 Kg, 9, is a tool of a reasonable weight, since we will be able to move it from one side to the other if necessary.

What is without doubt enviable air compressor Senco PC1010, is that it has a pumping time of 162 seconds, which will allow us to use it with ease, quality and power to do our work and when we are giving a constant use and the compressor is shut down, we won’t have to worry about, because we have a recovery time of 48 seconds in our compressor

Advantages of the air compressor Senco PC1010

  • This compressor semi silent was developed for demanding work, so it is more common to find it in workshops, where it is required, however it can function perfectly in the household chores without much scandal
  • Ideal for DIY, since we will have the best finishes when we work with this compressor.
  • Has a wide variety of uses, which are not limited to a single aspect, as we will be able to use it to perform any kind of work without any complications.
  • Only consumes 2 amps, which will allow us to relax by high energy consumption, which is a great advantage for us.
  •  adjustable pressure gauge that will allow us to meet our needs.
  • The pump requires no lubrication, so it will be more economical maintenance.
  • Has a quick-release connector ÂĽ, so we will be able to connect at any place without any complication.
  • It is a compressor is very quiet, so that we will be able to give you the best uses without concern for making excessive noise that bothers us or we bother.

Disadvantages of air compressor Senco PC1010

All the compressors have certain weaknesses that we can commit to purchase a product of poor quality, in spite of this, the air compressor Senco has covered very well all the possible disadvantages, bringing to us, a product of unsurpassed quality.

The major disadvantage of this compressor is without a doubt its weight, reaching 10 kg, is a compressor that gives us great power, but that we will not be able to move with the same ease than other compressors, but if it can be done, is not the same level of mobility offered by others, this is a serious disadvantage, as they will not have the possibility to go to different work sites without perhaps of another person to help you load and unload the air compressor off and on your vehicle.


Even though the weight is a disadvantage, this is one of the best compressors that we can find in the market, and that is that the Senco has developed an air compressor of the best quality to meet the needs of its users, and it is for this reason that the air compressor Senco PC1010 is one of the most sought after in the market.

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Makita MAC700 Big Bore 2.0 HP Air Compressor Review

One of the companies that produces the best tools for the diy is without a doubt theMakita Brand, that has for years been a brand name in the tool industry.Since the Makita Company has the vision of the consumer and seeks to meet it in all possible demands to continue producing better units in the market. This style of projection has been made that the Makita air compressors one of the most sought after in the shops or homes where ever a powerful air compressor is needed for many types of jobs or projects.  

The Makita MAC700 Big Bore 2.0, is one of the best compressors that we can find in the market, because it is prepared for tough jobs and will enable us to face any kind of activity with the Makita MAC700 Big Bore 2.0 at our disposal, due to its comfortableness and convenience.

Data about the Makita MAC700 Big Bore 2.0.

The is one of the compressors with greater performance, since it is of low noise, which will allow us to use it without generating noise that bothers us or difficult to perform the work, in addition to this it has a low amperage and a high discharge, so that we will have a great power by little energy use, which is fantastic.

The air compressor Makita MAC700 Big Bore 2.0, is one that offers us the most durability since it works with the lowest RPM, which will allow it to give you a greater use to the motor and pump, without having to worry about it being damaged too soon, which will allow us to use it for many years.

Performance & Maintenance of the Makita MAC700 Big Bore 2.0

Each time it is more feasible to acquire one of these compressors, and that is that the Makita MAC700 Big Bore 2.0 works with a very low amperage, which allows us to minimize incidents of unemployment of the drive, so we will be able to enjoy a continuous work without interruptions of any kind.

Its maintenance is very simple, since the drainage and the sight of the oil placement is simple to find, we can locate, clean and reinstall without any problems, which makes the maintenance of the Makita MAC700 Big Bore 2.0 is a simple task, comfortable, practical and fast.

Advantages of the Makita MAC700 Big Bore 2.0

The Makita brings to market the best tools for the DIYer or the professional contractor that’s why we have to be aware of all the advantages that acquiring a compressor of this recognized brand will bring us, let’s look at what they are.

  •  Best finishes when we do DIY tasks, which will allow us to offer the best possible quality, making the acquisition of the Makita MAC700 Big Bore 2.0 very helpful.
  •  great power in a single tool, which in addition will not consume too much energy
  • Does not generate much noise , since the Makita MAC700 Big Bore 2.0 does not generate as much noise as other compressors of this type, which is very helpful, whether we want to use it in a professional manner or in the comfort of our home.
  • Its maintenance is not complicated, which allows us to use it and keep it in good condition to continue enjoying the best finishes in our work.
  • Despite its size, it is very practical and easy to move, so that you can take it to many places be it work or around the garage without much complications.

Knowing the specifications of the Makita MAC700 Big Bore 2.0 compressors before you buy it will help you to know what are the jobs that you will be able to perform with it and if it is appropriate for the work that you have in mind. 

  • Has a 1.7 standard horsepower with maximum of 2 HP horsepower, so that we can be sure that we will have great power at our disposal.
  • The gas tank is able to contain 2.6 gallons. With this we will have an excellent performance in comparison to other compressors of this type.
  • We have an excellent performance, since with 40 PSI has an output of 3.8 CFM, while with 90 PSI, we have a 3.3 performance so we will have to adjust to our needs and comforts.
  • Its maximum pressure is 130 PSI.
  • It has a total weight of 52 pounds.
  • The pump works with lubricating oil, so we will have to do maintenance on an ongoing basis depending on the job that we assign.
  • Works with electricity, so with a current sufficient to run our unit of work.


  • users reported needing to have to switch the pressure switch and Makita does not make the pressure switch.
  • be sure to review you product after shipping, some users reported shipping damages

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Oil-free air compressor C2002-WK PORTER-CABLE REVIEW

One of the best brands of compressors is without doubt PORTER – CABLE, which offers the highest quality products with an excellent price-quality ratio. For years this company has been working on the development of the best products for the satisfaction of its users, so that is one of the most recommended by all experts in the DIY jobs.

The products or units that PORTER-CABLE produces are of an exceptional way both in the field and in the comfort of our homes, therefore, it is very common to see families that have a compressor of this brand.

One of the best compressors that the company PORTER – CABLE has developed is without a doubt the oil-free air compressor C2002-WK, for all the benefits that this practical unit has offered in its components to all users who have gone to the shops to purchase a compressor. 

Specifications of the oil-free air compressor C2002-WK

Knowing the specifications of each air compressor we are going to acquire will let us make an educated purchase and allow us to fully understand the air compressor and its needs or its advantages over another. In the case of the C2002-WK they are as follows:

  •  compressor has a motor with a 12.600 RPM to give us more power when we go to use the unit.
  •  HP is 0.8
  • The CPM of this unit, is 90 PSI, so that we will have a lot of power in a small, practical and comfortable compressor.
  • Amperage load of this air compressor, is 10 amps.
  •  Tank is a flattened disk for a give us a more practical design.
    It is made with materials of plated steel, so that the air compressor will have an extensive lifetime.
  • It has a height of 15 cm, with a total length of 18 centimeters and a total width of 18-3/8 inches, so it is a compressor small that we will be able to bring to all sides.
  • The weight of this compressor is just 29 pounds, so it is very light and easy to carry.
  • Has a voltage of 115 VAC.
  • Does not require oil work, so you don’t need as much maintenance.
  • The estimated life time of the pump is 1000 hours.
  • The size of the air compressor is of 6 gallons.
  • The maximum pressure of this small and powerful compressor is 150 PSI.
  • Work with an input voltage of 120 VAC.
  • It is a compressor type pancake or cake.

Is it a good option?
With all the power that we have at our disposal in this small unit, is without doubt one of the best purchase options we can do if we are looking for an air compressor that is practical and powerful, because it is one of the combinations that users are always looking for.

The oil-free air compressor C2002-WK comes bundled with several accessories that will make handling easier and also allow us to use it for different tasks, thus giving us a greater margin of work than other compressors are very limited.

Is it for home or professional work?

Without a doubt, the oil-free air compressor C2002-WK is a compressor that can operate comfortably in any of the two areas, since it is powerful and durable, so you will be able to withstand many hours of work in the professional field and we can also use it for household tasks, so it is also a good option for any of the the two fields, for professional or for home use.

Final Verdict
The pancake style  of this compressor is one of the most striking attractions this air compressor has, and this makes it much easier to take with you to any site. This make it both extremely portable and convenient.

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California Air Tools CAT-10020 Review

Air tools California CAT – 10020 Care one of the best designed to work with the air compressors 2.0 HP, quieter in the industry with only 70 decibels of sound. The air tank that has a is made of steel and is capable of holding 10 gallons with a wheel kit that will make it easier to move the unit to the place of work, the shop or garage, which will be more practical for us. The valve function of easy home releases a small amount of air from the pump to the start which will produce a no load condition that will allow engine to turn freely with no complications. The start-up without having loaded the unit requires less amperage for easier starting in cold temperatures. The oil less pump will allow us to use the unit without any kind of problems at different temperatures, which makes our work, even on irregular terrain to work more comfortable.

The California CAT-10020 has a steel tank of 10 gallons and was developed thinking in a design that would allow it to be one of the best air compressors in the market. This top notch has a  2.0 HP and is one on the quietest that produces only 70 decibels of sound. The powerful engine with which the unit starts up with just 1,680 RPM creating less pollution than other compressors giving your compressor an extensive lifetime. The engines of this class, characterized by ultra-quiet and free of oil have been designed to increase the working cycle and allow the continuous operating time  much longer.

The piston pump system of fuel oil was designed to provide us with an excellent performance and durability so that it can give you as much use as possible without worrying about a bad quality of work. It features a dual-piston pump without oil designed to have a cycle of life before the wear of 3.000 hours compared to other units of this class, which have a life time of 500 hours or less.

Characteristics of California Air Tools CAT-10020

The California Cat-10020 has a quick start valve that releases a small amount of air from the pump when put in gear, this is to produce a no load condition, which will allow the motor to rotate freely without any problem.

The pump without oil allows us to use it in a wide range of temperatures and rough terrain, which will allow us to work even in the most difficult conditions.

Specifications of the California Air Tools CAT-10020

Knowing the specifications of the air compressor will help us know if it  meets our needs and capabilities, since we will be able to know information such as your weight, size, amperage, among other details that are of major relevance for the function and performance of the unit that we are about to acquire and compare it with the others that are at our disposal in the market, and thus to be able to make the best choice for us and spare us a bad expenditure of money. Here are the specs:

  • Length: 16 inches.
  • Width: 15.1 inches.
  • Height: 35.9 inches.
  • Weight: 82.5 pounds.
  • Amperage: 14 A.
  • Air consumption at 40 PSI: 6.4
  • Air consumption at 90 PSI: 5.3


  • ITS QUIET– At only 70 decibels of noise level the machine operates quietly and thus makes it comfortable enough to be around without major discomfort.
  • Easy Start – If you live in cold climates, then this air compressor is definitely something to consider since it comes with a 2.0 horsepower motor, making it capable of starting in real cold climates or environments.
  • Capacity – 10.0 gallon capacity and can quickly be filled with air in 130 seconds!
  • Multi-Tool – Feel free to use two tools at once with the capability to attach other tools at the same time, this will make it a positive thing to have if your project needs it.


  • heavy at over 89 pounds
  • users reported problems with the wheels, test out the air compressor to see if it moves fine and adjust the bolts that hold the wheels in place.

Final judgment of the California Air Tools CAT-10020
It is one of the best options that we have at our disposal in the market, because it offers  features to cover all the needs that we can develop that are  practical and comfortable. Therefore you have to take into consideration this handy tool because it gives you many advantages that will help you to make much your job and tasks more easy.

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Rolair JC10  of an oil-free compressor of 1 HP Review

Rolair is a renowned brand that is dedicated to the development of the best tools for DIY tasks, offering bargain finishes with each of the units in the market. It is a very requested air compressor by the experts in the area due to the fact that the units are made with the best materials, which gives users a product of the highest quality and that is designed to last for a long time, which makes them tools that are worth the buy for both the home and professional user.

The Rolair JC10air compressor  is one of the most requested, this air compressor has a 1725 engine RPM and reaches up to 90 PSI, it is a small unit that has great power , so that it can function perfectly both in the area of labor as in the household tasks. 

The Rolair JC10 was designed to not require oil, thus reducing the required maintenance on the unit to prolong its useful life, which is very beneficial for the person who is interested in purchasing it, in addition, the fact that it does not require oil helps to reduce the downtime of the unit when it is working, so that we will be able to use it for longer periods of time than other compressors of this type.

The air compressor Rolair JC10 has a tank whose capacity can support up to 2.5 gallons, in addition to the cylinder is a cast aluminum 1 HP, and its source of power will allow us to plug it into any outlet flow and start using our compressor, as simple as is practical and comfortable unit of work, which will not consume a lot of electricity.

Specifications of the air compressor Rolair JC10

  • 35 CFM at 90 PSI 
  • The air compressor Rolair JC10 has an engine speed of 1725 rpm, for improved durability and resistance in continuous and strenuous work.
  • No need of oils, the maintenance required to prolong their life span is much lower, so it is much more practical and economical than other compressors.
  • The tank air compressor Rolair JC10 has a capacity of 2.5 gallons.
  • Has a cast aluminum cylinder and a weight of 42.9 pounds.
  • Dimensions 17 x 16 x 15 inches, so that won’t take up too much space.
  • HP has 1 horsepower and has an electrical power source, as it does not require fuel to run.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Rolair JC10

The air compressor Rolair JC10 has many advantages to offer to consumers, the first is that its maintenance is very small in comparison to other compressors in this class, in which the oil must be changed constantly to avoid a malfunction of the unit.

What could mean as a disadvantage for the air compressor Rolair JC10, is that when you do not work with any type of fuel, such as gasoline or diesel, depends solely on electricity and in the event of an electrical fault, we will not be able to use our air compressor.

A disadvantage to this compressor could also be its weight, which will prevent to move one place to another as easily as other air compressors.

Final verdict on the Rolair JC10
If we are willing to purchase an air compressor of excellent quality, we can be sure that the compressor Rolair JC10 is one of our best options, since it is recommended by several experts and many users who have purchased this compressor and have had experiences when working with it, since it is not at all complicated and is very comfortable.

This compressor may last us a long time thanks to the fact that it is made with the finest materials, so that we can be sure that we will be acquiring a product of the highest quality and that we will make life easier in many ways in which an air compressor as the Rolair JC10 excels at.

Last updated on April 19, 2018 2:03 am