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ABAC Air Compressors
Air Compressor Buying Guide

ABAC Air CompressorsABAC is one of the leading manufacturers of air compressors worldwide, and has been credited with shaping the history of the international air compressor industry. The company was founded over 60 years ago, and is proud to be the leading producer of high quality air compressors for professional, industrial, and home. The company offers a wide selection of different size pneumatic machines, including portable and industrial screw air compressors.

ABAC Air Compressors

The ABAC company  is the only manufacturer of air compressors for all three markets which include home, professional, and industrial. The piston air compressors can often be found be used on do it yourself projects and in professional shops and garages. The company’s screw air compressors are powerful enough for industrial settings, and also meet all safety standards.

To make finding the right ABAC air compressor simple and easy, we have included a guide that separates the models into different categories. This way you can quickly find the best ABAC air compressor for your home or business needs.

Home, Garage, and DIY ABAC Air Compressors:

These smaller air compressors are lightweight and easily portable, making them perfect for smaller projects around the house or garage. The horsepower on the compressors can range from 2 HP to 2.5 HP and the tank size varies from a small 6 liter to the larger 50 liter. The maximum CFM is 5.5 which makes these compressors ideal for everything from inflating tires to running grinders and sanders. You can choose from oil free motors, but they all feature direct drive engines.

Semi-Pro and Workshop ABAC Air Compressors:

Semi-Pro and Workshop ABAC Air Compressors

These air compressors can be either direct or belt drive, and feature 3 HP or more depending on the tank size. These compressors are ideal for wood working, grinding, and sanding, and can also be used to operate spray guns. You can choose from tank sizes that range from 50 liters to 100 liters, depending on the type of pneumatic tools you’ll be using. The maximum CFM rating for these compressors is 8, which is also high enough to power some sand blasting tools. All of the air compressors also require oil when they are this size.

Professional and Industrial Air Compressors:

These large and powerful air compressors are available in one, two, and three stages. They have a maximum CFM rating of 34, and can handle anything from sanding and blasting tools to professional spray painting guns. The enclosed belts meet safety standards, and these air compressors are approved for the industrial workplace. With horsepower that can range from 3-10 and tank sizes from 150 liters to 270 liters, these air compressors can handle almost any size job.

ABAC Rotary Screw Air Compressors:

ABAC Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Designed for use in an industrial setting, these air compressors can be securely mounted to any stable floor surface. They feature the same powerful motors and tanks as professional and industrial air compressors, only these were not designed to be easily moved.

ABAC On Site 110 Volt Air Compressor:

ABAC Piston Compressor START ROLLCAGE O20P

These smaller air compressors were designed to work when it is not possible to use the 230 volts that most air compressors require. The long handle and easy to roll wheels makes this a great air compressor to take with you to different job sites, or just for quick projects around the shop or at home.

ABAC Silent Piston Air Compressors:



Sometimes you need an air compressor that does not sound like a small plane taking off. The noise reducing cover on these pneumatic compressors let you work at night without disturbing anybody.

ABAC Oil Free Air Compressors:

These direct drive air compressors are quiet without the same power as some of the larger pneumatic machines. The smaller size is not only quieter, they are also ideal for powering small screw drivers, and pneumatic wrenches. They are easy to maintain, and most are also portable.

ABAC Gas Powered Air Compressors:

Designed for contracting companies and industrial settings, these air compressors are powered by Honda gas engines. There are also diesel models available that offer the same power and ease of use. These air compressors are capable of powering multiple pneumatic tools and supplying a steady stream of air. They are easy to move, and also feature a maximum CFM rating of 30.


Now that you know a little more about ABAC air compressors, you are better equipped to choose the best one for your needs.

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