AUDEW Portable Air Compressor Pump, Heavy Duty150PSI Review


You may end up spending hours searching for the best air compressor suitable for home use. If this has been your biggest problem, then you’ve come to the right place.  Finding the right air compressor all comes down to the reasons why you intend to use it.

Air compressors come in handy in any household. From helping in spray paint to most of the DIY repairs in your house. If the work you are going to do requires a more portable version of the air compressor, you may find most people choosing the portable one rather than the big bulky and hard to handle type.

There is no specific routine or complicated procedure in choosing the perfect air compressor for you. That is why you will have to know the product you want to buy. As usual, you can end up choosing the wrong product. If you decide to buy an air compressor, the most important thing to consider is the features of the product rather than the price.

With the Audew portable compressor, you are sure to have all your repairs and spray painting work more comfortable. In this article, I am going to discuss some of the Audew air compressor’s key features, the good but not great ones, user critique as well as the pros and cons of this product.

Features of the Audew Portable Air Compressor Pump

As discussed earlier, you should out more emphasis on the key features of product and its performance levels rather than the price tag. Therefore, this section will focus on the key and secondary features of the Audew portable air compressor;

Key Features
  1. Rapid inflation time

With the Audew air compressor, that flat tire that just happened in the middle of the road can be taken care of in a matter of minutes. Therefore, this is the ultimate DIY equipment that you should always carry whenever you are planning for a trip with your car.

The air compressor comes with dual heavy duty cylinders that can inflate P195/P15 from 0 to 35 Pound Per Square Inch (measurement of air that is delivered by the air compressor) in about two minutes or even less. This is quite fast compared to other compressors in the market.

  1. Stability technology

When it comes to picking the right air compressor, stability is always one of the most important factors to consider. Using a compressor that is not stable will make the work even harder since you have to take so much of your time just to re adjust the compressor. With stability, the air compressor guarantees you reduced noise level and an easy to work with machine.

The Audew air compressor comes in a four-rod design which helps to reduce the effect of vibrations. Additionally, the added stability also helps to reduce noise. More to that, the air compressor comes with rubber mat which helps to reduce its movement when the machine is operational. These features ensure that the machine will never disappoint.

  1. Convenience

The Audew can easily fit in the trunk of a car since it doesn’t occupy too much space. The product additionally comes with a nice carrying bag therefore you can carry it around at any time. Additionally, the machine comes with an extension air hose that is coiled so as to make it more compatible. The air hose also has an air gauge making it long enough for RV or trunk tire inflation.

A portable well equipped air compressor is a nice addition to that remarkable tool box of the vehicle you own.

  1. Anti-shock and Non-slip mat

The anti-shock mat helps reduce most of the effects when the AC unit is operational. More to that, the mat is also non-slip hence you are sure the machine won’t slide on the ground when in use.

  1. Portable Handle

The 180 degrees’ handle help you carry the AC unit around with ease hence making the device more portable. Compliment that with the nice bag it comes with and you have the ultimate portable air compressor.

Good but Not Great
The good but not great features are additional characteristics of the air compressor hence enhance the overall productivity of the AC unit. Below are some of the complimentary features of the Audew air compressor;

  1. A wide range of application

Probably one of the main reason you should consider buying the Audew portable air compressor. This digital air compressor is ideal for motorcycles, cars, ATV, SUV, trunk and RV that has a 150 Pound per Square Inch (PSI) MAX of pressure. With the Audew, you are sure of a completely safe travel since you are ready for any flat tire that may arise during your trip.

Additionally, the air compressor comes with a 3 nozzle feature which makes it way easier to pump in air in toys, air mattresses, inflatables and bikes. The Audew compressor will help you finish most of your home chores that may require air pressure.

  1. Noise Leve

If you are in search of an air compressor with the least possible noise level, then the Audew air compressor is the perfect fit for you. The AC unit comes with stability handles that reduce noise due to vibrations. Although this might not be the quietest AC unit in the market, it is listed among the top least noisy air compressor units. Therefore, you will rest comfortably knowing the noise from your handy jobs won’t disturb your entire neighbourhood.

  1. Heat sink

The Audew air compressor comes with a premium metal insulation that ensures maximum heat dissipation. The heat dissipation ensures the AC unit doesn’t heat up to high levels hence increasing its efficiency. Therefore, you are sure of long life operation and safety.

  1. Manual

The machine comes with a manual that is quite easy to follow through. Specific instructions on how to use the machine are in the manual hence making the user’s experience better.

Additionally, there are well laid out precautions in the manual to ensure both your safety and your car’s safety too. Always try to read through the manual before using the machine to avoid any unnecessary safety cases.

User Critique
Some of the customers complained that the machine took just over 30 minutes to pump air in six balloons. The machine was to fill a kiddie pool but it somehow functioned slower that predicted by the manufacturer. In turn, the buyer had to return back the air compressor. Some of the customers complained that the machine comes in cheap Chinese plastic that cracks when dropped. Others complained that the AC unit can only produce a few bars of pressure. That is, you can stop the air pressure from working by simply plunging your finger in the hose. The buyer didn’t recommend this AC unit for car tires only for filling up balloons.


  • The Audew is highly portable
  • The AC unit is less noisy compared to other units in the market
  • The air compressor comes with 180 degrees’ portable handle
  • The device has rapid inflation time (about two minutes or less)
  • The Audew air compressor comes with a premium metal insulation that helps in maximum heat dissipation.
  • The Audew air compressor also has an anti-shock, non-slip mat which reduces the noise and helps in the general stability of the AC unit
  • The machine has a wide range of applications. It is ideal for inflation of tires for motorcycles, cars, RV and trucks
  • Also comes with a three nozzle adaptor that helps to ease pumping air in inflatables, mattress and toys.

  • The AC unit is limited to DC 12Volts power supply therefore you cannot use it in 36V, 24V, 220V and 110V appliances. However, you can use a transformer.
  • The pump metal heats up so much therefore it might burn you off if you touch it
  • When using the Audew air compressor, you always have to keep checking the gauge for the pressure since it tends to get too high at times.


In summary, I hope with the above descriptions you now have a better understanding of the Audew Air compressor. However, there are a few safety tips you need to consider when operating the machine. These include;

You should always make sure the AC unit is off before connecting the machine to a power source that is either the battery of your truck or Cigarette fuse. Secondly, your vehicle needs to be running while you are operating the air compressor, otherwise the Audew will end up draining off the power in your battery. Read the manual of the air compressor before you start using it.

Finally, if you start using your air compressor with your car battery for some time, it is best you do not alter your power source. It might cause the machine to malfunction. The power cord is designed to operate with your cigarette lighter so you shouldn’t alter it since it might cause a long term side effect on the machine.

All in all, the Audew air compressor is an amazing machine that you should consider buying.

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