The Best Air Compressor For Air Brushing

Quiet Airbrush Compressor w Regulator and Air Hose
Air Compressor Buying Guide

If you are planning on using an air brush for long periods of time, you will want to invest in an air compressor. Not only can it make a job go faster and easier, it can also improve the appearance of the finished project. Air compressors can give you a steady and continual flow of air to the brush, which lets you apply a more even coat of paint. Fines lines won’t have breaks in them, and coloring will be smooth and even.

With air compressors made for air brushing, you will also get the benefit of not having to worry about damaging moisture and condensation building up in the line to the air brush. These air compressors often include noise dampeners which keep them quiet enough to be run inside a home or studio setting.

Some other things to consider if you are planning on buying an air compressor for your air brush can also include,

  • CFM rating is important, and the amount of air flow necessary will depend on the type of tool that you are using. Painting small figurines and emblems require 20 PSI, while t-shirts and larger projects may need 40-60 PSI.
  • If you frequently have to travel between jobs, you will want to make sure the air compressor is lightweight and easily portable. Longer handles can make lifting and rolling the machine faster and easier.
  • Most air compressors feature a regulator and a gauge. While a gauge might not always be necessary, you will want a regulator to control the amount of air flow to the brush.

To help you find the best air compressor for your pneumatic paint brush we have listed a few of our favorites that are designed to work with your tools and help you create amazing works of art.

The Best Air Compressor for Air Brushing

Quiet Airbrush Compressor with Regulator and Air Hose

Quiet Airbrush Compressor w Regulator and Air HoseThis high performance air compressor is designed to work with and improve your air brushing skills. Lightweight and portable, it can go with you almost anywhere, and delivers a 0.7 CFM from the 1/5 horsepower motor. It features an easy to use regulator and an automatic shut off switch, along with a filter for dry air flow. The included air hose measures 1/8” and can also be used with a copic air brush.

Air Brush Spray Gun & Portable Tankless Air Compressor

Air Brush Spray Gun & Portable Tankless Air CompressorFeaturing a 1/6 horsepower motor and an included professional quality spray gun, this small air compressor can help you finish small painting jobs, and can also power small sanders and grinders for a perfectly smooth finish every time. The 1.0mm spray pattern is ideal for small, intricate work, and since it is drip free you don’t have to worry about blotches and smears. The trigger style air gun is easy and comfortable to use, and can be preset for an even and continual spray. Capable of 50 PSI, it is a powerful and compact air compressor that is ideal for painting graphic designs along with intricate scroll work.

Master Airbrush Multi-purpose Gravity Feed Dual-action Airbrush Kit with 6 Foot Hose and a Powerful 1/5hp Single Piston Quiet Air Compressor

Master Airbrush High Performance Multi Purpose Gravity Feed Dual Action Air Brush Kit with 6' hose and 1 5 HP Single Piston Quiet EngineThis air compressor kit has everything you need to start your first project or complete a large one. There is a one year standard warranty on the air compressor and included air brush, and a complete user’s manual will help walk through all of the operating steps. The air compressor is easily portable and features a 1/5 HP motor that will get almost any job done. The spray gun can be used with most types of paint, including acrylics, inks, dyes, and even automotive paint. With a CFM rating of 0.7 at 50 PSI, you can design t-shirts, put graphics on cars, and create hundreds of other unique works of art.

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