Who Are The Best Air Compressor Distributors?

Air Compressor Buying Guide

Best_Air_Compressor_brands_reviewsThere are several manufacturers of air compressors, but to be considered one of the best in the industry there are a few criteria that should be met. Along with the air compressors being durable and dependable, they should also be constructed from a high quality material such as cast iron or tempered steel.

You will also want to make sure that the air compressor includes a hose and a regulator, a pressure gauge is also helpful to have as well. Along with making sure that you are buying the air compressor that best suits your needs, you will want to make sure that you can also find replacement parts. Over time hoses, valves and other parts can wear out and erode and being able to quickly replace them can mean the difference between a great air compressor and a waste of your money.

We have taken all of this into consideration, and have listed the best air compressors distributors so you can get the most for your money.

The Best Air Compressor Distributors

Ingersoll Rand:

As one of the leading distributors of small and large air compressors, the company is also famous for their industrial grade pneumatic machines. They proudly manufacture a wide variety of rotary screw and piston compressors, and also have a long line of replacement parts and pneumatic tools.

Atlas Copco:

These air compressors can usually be found in machine shops and industrial companies. These pneumatic compressors are powerful and able to accomplish a large number of jobs, and can also run multiple tools at once. Along with rotary, screw, and air compressors designed for high end wood work, Atlas Copco also manufactures a complete list of pneumatic tools and replacement parts.

Campbell Hausfeld:

This company is one of the leading manufacturers’ of American made air compressors, and they have cornered the market on small piston air compressors. These pneumatic machines can often be found in small home workshops or garages.


You can often find this company’s air compressors in small machine shops and garages. Their most popular models are the smaller, portable ones that can easily go from job site to job site. Not only are these high quality and dependable air compressors, many of their replacement parts can be exchange for other, less expensive ones.


These small, dependable air compressors are normally found in a home garage or workshop. They are normally priced lower than other air compressors, and are easy to find replacement parts for. There is also a long list of pneumatic tools that can be attached to the Craftsman air compressors.


As a part of Black and Decker, you know that you are getting a dependable and durable air compressor. They specialize in portable models, and concentrate only on diesel or electrical motors.

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