Best Air Compressors For Carpentry

Air Compressor Buying Guide

Best Air Compressors For Carpentry

The air compressors are devices that convert power into potential energy by pressurized air. These tools are useful for an extensive range of uses. You can see in all gas stations that offer a service of compressed air to inflate the tires of your vehicle. There exist a lot of various types of compressors of air than even you can see it hidden away in your refrigerator or in an HVAC system of your local arena. This machine has a large number of uses for maintenance at home, leisure or businesses to have your work finish with efficiency and safety.  As this tools have many types different in size and power supply it has two main designs which are reciprocating piston air compressors and rotary screw air compressors, so whatever will be your work any of this two will make easily your if you choose the right one because in this different categories you will find different models that offer since the low-pressure air in a small tank that will work for pump up your bike or car’ tires until the ultimate power of pressurized air that will be perfect for a heavy manufacturing facility with stable and consistent air for plant operations.

This tool is so efficient that you will feel satisfied with the results, but for has the perfect air compressors machine you have to know the different types that exist to buy the right one, if you are a carpenter the air compressor that you will need to use depends on the type of work that you will have. In big carpenters, you will find that workers use an air compressor with the ultimate power of pressurized air because is better for them to work, save time since they work by time and you can do many different works. If you used it for works in your home it is recommended to use a type of low-pressure air compressors, those are perfect for small works, are practical, easy to use, many of this air compressors are easy to transport because does not have a huge size in comparison to those that big carpentries usually use. Having this air compressor in your home facilitates your personal work and allows creative expressions as hobbies or professional artistry. On the Internet, there are many websites in which you can buy this product instead of going to buy it personally. Many websites have the advantages of sending it to your home and save your time. The website Amazon offers a list of many different types of air compressors with different sizes and also sell tools that you need to have for a better use of it. This website also makes sales in which you can buy an air compressor with other tools that you choose and it is important to mention the variety of different brands that you can find with different prices and you just have to choose which one you think it is the best option for you.

If you do not feel sure about which type of air compressor should buy, here we will mention the best six air compressor that Amazon store offer including its prices, characteristics, and a rise of their brands in the market. The website will give you all the characteristics that you have to read carefully to see the description of the product, know more about it and which one covers all your need to take the decision of which are you going to buy.

Top 6 Air Compressors

In the website of Amazon you will find many different brands, one of them are from California air tools, is a brand with many clients, it is considered one of the best and have excellent quality products, this brand has different types of air compressors, it is one of the best sellers ranks and has accessible prices in comparison to other brands.

California Air Tools

With California air tools you will find excellent air compressors for your carpentry like for example the California air tool 8010 ultras quiet, this product has only 60 decibels which are so quiet, it is powerful with 1.0 HP (rated/ running) and 2.0 HP (peak) motor, it has an oil-free dual piston pump for less maintenance and costs, 3.00 CFM at 40 PSI and 2.20 CFM at 90 PSI, its pressure has a maximum power of 120 PSI, also has a large 8.0 gallon steel air tank that is lightweight (only 54 pounds) and makes it perfect for transport to other side, its power source it is corded electric and you can find it in a beautiful silver color.

Quick Tip:

This product is a sale for only prime members of Amazon  so if you are interested in buy an air compressor with a huge level of power and without being noisy this is the best option for you carpentry. In Amazon store, the California Air tools are well seen and are excellent products offering many products of air compressors options as accessories for it for a good price.

DeWalt Air Compressors

Another excellent brand that you will find on Amazon is from DeWALT products, this brand offer quality and efficiency in its products; it does not only sell air compressors and accessories for it also has an extensive range of tools for carpentry and as their slogan says it has a guaranteed tough, and it is a good option for your to have it in your home or in your carpentry. This brand it is recognized worldwide, with more than 90 years of experience in manufacturing and design world class solution for professionals, exceeding the expectations of engineers and professional tradesmen is the number one brand choice for experts, its reputation has grown up from the company’s commitment to providing best in class products that have a high level of durability and end-user protection. It has a different range of products since power tools and accessories until workwear.

The products of this amazing brand you can find in its personal websie or in Amazon, there you will find air compressors of different sizes, with many prices. For example theDeWALT D55167 1.6 HP air compressor, this product has 200PSI maximum pressure for longer air tool run time, a 4.8 SCFM at 90 PSI for a quick compressor recovery time, EHP Efficient high-pressure technology, an oil-free maintenance free pump for a convenience use, it has an electric source of power, its weight is 104 pounds but it is easy to transport because has two wheels that make easy to move it.

This air compressor you can have it for a price of  approx. $359.97 with free shipping and if you buy the air compressor plus with a Campbell Hausfeld Tire Inflator of 3 in 1 inflation gun both you can get together in a bundle for an economical investment. Maybe this brand is more expensive than other brands like it was mention before the California air tools, but its efficienct and has satisfied many buyers.

The DeWALT brand offers various type of air compressors since those that have more capacity of air to those that have less capacity of air like the DeWALT DWFP55126, this air compressor is perfect to have in your home if you want to make any carpentry work it has 165 maximum PSI 6.0 gallon tank that are 22.7 litres and 2.6 SCFM delivered at 90 PSI pump, its motor it is really efficiency, has a large of 50 ft. that are 15.2 m or less, it is not noisy because it has a 75.5 DBA noise level so it is perfect for work in small places in which the noise it is not a good option and its regulator and couplers are really high, weight 32.2 pounds and its source of power it is corded electric. The price of this product has a big difference in price in comparison to the D55167 that was mentioned before. The products of DeWALT have a manufacturer warranty of 1 year. This seller on Amazon is reliable has good customer reviews and the brand it is recommended and used by many engineers and carpenters.

Also you have to be careful with the products that you choose to buy, some of them may not ship to different parts of the world, the majority of the products that were mentioned before made ships to Canada especially and others make deliveries for different parts of the United States it depends on the product that you choose, as well some items do not count with a free shipping and you have to pay an extra money for the shipping. The good thing is that Amazon has an option that is the Amazon global priority shipping that has a list of all the international ships that are available on their website making easier they way of buying any product in a specific place, you only have to choose from where do you want your shipment if is in America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East or Asia and Pacific.

Campbell Hausfeld

Other useful and excellent brand is the products of Campbell Hausfeldthis is the brand that has the most accessible prices of their products in Amazon, this brand delivers any air compressor or air tools since the most simple to the most complex, its brand has 180 years of experience and with the combination of longevity and specialization becomes it in the best choice of air compressors that you can believe in.

One of the different types of products that you can choose and work with is the Quiet air compressorthat has an up to 50% quieter in comparison with other products this compressor produces only 68 DBA which is the half of noise that other products can offer, it has a key component last up for four times longer, an oil free, maintenance free and a dual piston pump, it has 8 gallons, 125 max PSI and 2.4 CFM, it has large and durable wheels, rubber grip steel handle that makes the unit portable, also it is designed for inflation, hobby painting, stapling and nailing that makes your projects faster and easier, it comes with 17 pieces accessory kit and 3 in 1 inflation gun, gauge and chuck.

The Campbell Hausfeld has the advantages of offering a complete product, some of other brands you will have to buy the air compressor and then the accessories, that is why Campbell Hausfeld is the best option for you, its brands have an air compressor that you can use it in your home or in your carpenter. It is designed for being one of the quietest air compressors that exist it is practical to move to another side because its weight is 67 pounds and has two wheels. The greatest thing about this product is that you can find it in Amazon store and it is much cheaper than others air compressors brands.


If you are looking for just the air compressors that will not be more expensive and be practical to carry on you can take a look for the products of BOSTITCH is a brand that was founded in 1896 by Thomas Briggs that design and manufacture fastening tools, it has and designed lines of air compressors and accessories that work with it, this company develop a huge number of improvements that give it a place in the market as a reliable brand of carpentry works. BOSTITCH offer a variety of high-performance air compressors with different sizes and designs, these products are made for has a long time period and has a high efficiency in motors and a compact design.

Many of the air compressors products you can roll it or carry by hand like the BOSTITCH BTFP02012. This product has a long life oil free, has maintenance free pump if you want to use it or not, 150 max PSI, 6.0 gallon tank that means 22.7 liters and 2.6 SCFM delivered with 90 PSI pump, it has a high-efficiency motor that is easy for start up in cold water, 8.5 DBA operational noise level and it has a high flow regulator ad couplers that make the best use of your air tools performance, its weight is from 31.5 pounds its dimensions are 17 x 17 x 19.2 inches that are a really compact air compressors and easy to transport. The air compressor BOSTITCH BTFP02012has one year of warranty and free shipping.

Bostitch BTFP02012 6 Gallon 150 PSI Oil-Free Compressor
List Price: $101.80
Price: $99.00
You Save: $2.80
Price Disclaimer

The website Amazon brings you the opportunity of compare products of different brands so is going to be easier for you to choose which one do you want, before your look for a price you can see in other pages the benefices and advantages of brands, you can make a study and then go to Amazon page to see what they offer and the different prices. But if your time is not enough you can go directly to Amazon website and in the place of the search engine write “Air compressor” there you will have a list of all the types of compressors that sellers offer in Amazon since individual accessories until a complete packages that include the air compressor, the air gun, and others accessories that you will need or will be useful to use as a spare.

To continue with the best air compressors that Amazon store offer to buyers, it has the Porter + Cable tools, this American brand manufacturer power tools and it is known for introduces to the market a lot of noteworthy power tools as the belt sander who was the first portable, the band saw portable and the helical drive circular saw. The Porter + Cable has on the market since 1906 and for 100 years will always provide a service of quality tools for professionals, carpenters, tradesmen and others; it has as professional and high-quality result of your work and a great value.

Porter Cable C2002

Amazon offers a lot of products of this brand, you can find anything with good prices like the Porter + cable C2002 this product is imported has a high durability it is easy to use and even the company is from the United States this product was manufactured in China. Has a 150 PSI max tank pressure stores, more air in the tank that makes it useful for a longer run time. 2.6 SCFM at 90 PSI, this allows that the compressor be quicker per ISO1217 recovery time, has a 6 gallon with pancake form tank that brings stability and includes water drain valve and rubber feet, a low amp of 120 volt motor, it starts easily in cold weather, comes with an extension cord and feature replaceable brushes, even has a Durable oil-free pump for long life without any type of maintenance. The C2002 is a lightweight (with a weight of 34 pounds) portable enough that is perfect for the job site, workshops or for using it around the house; this choice will be great if you want to use it in many places, also is efficient and powerful. The power of the source is electric and it comes in a beautiful red color.

PORTER-CABLE C2002 Oil-Free UMC Pancake Compressor
List Price: $318.78
Price: $99.00
You Save: $219.78
Price Disclaimer


To finish we already mention some of the best options for you to buy an air compressor and for last one we have the Makitabrand of the air compressor. This brand is a manufactured tool that is on the market since 1915, it is an international company that was created in Japan and has many factories in different countries like China, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Romania, The United Kingdom and the United States. In Amazon we find different types of tools from this brand and especially the air compressor, this brand is characterized for have compact and easy to transport air compressor like the Makita AC001 compact air compressor this is a powerful 1.6 maximum horsepower, its motor provides up to 125 PSI, it is lightweight (with only 23.1 lbs) and dimensions of 14 x 15 x 15 inches that are perfect for increased jobs site portability, does not make noise has an operator comfort, has low AMP draw reduces incidents or breakers and it is has a roll cage construction for a better protection of pump and motor as well it has an oil-less pump designed for maintenance free operations.

Makita AC001 Compact Air Compressor
List Price: $169.99
Price: $159.99
You Save: $10.00
Price Disclaimer

This powerful air compressor is ideal for the case and base installation; it is perfect for trim and carpentry works, cabinet, furniture construction and more. This product brings durability, and comfort with a high performance and easy to transport. Also, it counts as an electric source of power and has one year of warranty. The Makita compressors a recognized worldwide and this particular product it is considered the best option for your carpentry works, it is favorite for their faster recovery time, lower noise, consistent job performance, and longer tool life. Its cast iron pump with big bore cylinder and piston provide durability and efficient works that you will feel satisfied. 

In Conclusion

In Conclusion you have been presented with top air compressor for Carpentry or for the DIY person. All of these air compressors are ideal for many carpentry projects and will definitely provide quality and performance you need to get the job done. All of these air compressors are very reliable with years of being in the market, they have perfected their systems to work for any type of industry. Great for garages, contractors or anyone looking for reliable air compressors. What do you think, do you know of any other that should be added to the list that are great for carpentry?







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