What Are The Best Hydraulic Air Compressors?

Hydraulic Air Compressor
Air Compressor Buying Guide

Hydraulic Air CompressorHydraulic air compressors give businesses the performance and durability that they need for all of their high powered jobs. These air compressors can either be reciprocating or rotary screw models, and there are some features both types should have in common. It is important to note that must industrial work places use rotary screw air compressors since these pneumatic machines are designed for 100 percent continuous air output.

No matter which type of hydraulic air compressor you choose, you want to make sure that it is easy to install and operate. Not only will this save you time on installation, you also won’t have to spend money on expensive training classes. Knowing how to run and operate the air compressor will also help to cut down on costly maintenance and repairs. Try to avoid purchasing a hydraulic air compressor that has a lot of moving parts. Not only will this help to prevent overheating, there will be fewer parts to repair and replace.

Other things to take into consideration, include the expected lifespan of the air compressor’s pump and motor, along with any included manufacturer’s warranties. Smaller hydraulic air compressors normally feature 10 tons of pump pressure which can be used for frame and body straightness, along with hydraulic jacks and presses making them ideal for auto body shops and even larger home garages. Industrial hydraulic air compressors can power all pneumatic tools and equipment with ranges of 40 CFM @ 100 PSI all the way to 110 CFM @ 150 PSI.

To help you find the best hydraulic air compressor for you home garage or industrial workplace, we have included reviews of some of the most popular models. Keep reading to see what can be accomplished with a hydraulic air compressor.

Hydraulic Air Compressor Reviews

VMAC Predatair40:

VMAC Predatair40This above deck hydraulic air compressor has a CFM rating of 40 and a maximum PSI of 150. Weighing only 162 pounds, the air compressor can also be relocated with minimal work. It requires a hydraulic flow between 9 and 14 GPM and is categorized as a rotary screw compressor. It uses 20amp at 12V and also includes a two year warranty. The industrial strength air compressor also has built in safety features which include temperature sensors for hot and cold, along with a standby mode to help save on fuel and reduce heat output. With continual high pressure air flow, you can use this air compressor to inflate large tires on construction vehicles and semi trucks, along with powering straightening and framing pneumatic tools.

IMT CAS40P Hydraulic Air Compressor:

IMT CAS40P Hydraulic Air CompressorA reciprocating hydraulic air compressor, it can be found in machine shops and larger home garages and even at race tracks. With 40 CFM at 100 PSI, you can straighten bent fenders and auto frames, along with pneumatic framers and even inflate large construction tires. The compressor uses both electric and hydraulics for power, and features a compact design for above deck mounting. An inner oil cooler helps to protect the motor from overheating, and the 405 pound weight helps to keep the compressor well balanced when it is in operation. Featuring a two stage and motor and four cylinders, it also has a long lasting and durable design.

Boss Hydraulic Air Compressor BA435:

boss-ba435-hydraulic-drive-air-compressorThis reciprocating air compressor features a single stage V4 motor that is pressure lubricated. It is assembled in the United States, and features a two year warranty. Included in the air compressor is an inner oil pump that lubricates more efficiently than the splash lubricated models. The hydraulic drive motor uses 10 GPM at 1850 PSI and has a CFM rating of 35. It is ideal for any industrial setting, and at 200 pounds dry weight it can be moved to different job sites without encountering any problems. The aluminum construction is durable and lightweight, and the air compressor also requires very little maintenance. A protective enclosure helps to protect the compressor and it also runs without a belt drive. Frame and straiten metal bodies, and operate all industrial pneumatic tools with this powerful and efficient air compressor.

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