The Best Magna Force Air Compressors

Air Compressor Buying Guide

Best Magna Force air compressorsMagna Force air compressors are durable and easy to use and maintain. Each compressor comes fully assembled and ready to start working. Available in a wide variety of sizes, this company has an air compressor that will meet all of your needs. The portable air compressors feature durable welded handles for easy carrying, while the industrial size air compressor is powerful enough to run any pneumatic tool.

All of the Magna Force air compressors are quiet and efficient, and feature minimal maintenance. Brass fittings and manifolds are standard in the high quality air compressors, along with pressure gauges and shut off valves. Each of the company’s air compressors feature the latest technological innovations to continue to make completing your projects easier.

You can find Magna Force air compressors in home garages, machine and mechanical shops, along with industrial and factories. To help give you an idea of what these air compressors have to offer, we’ve included a review of some of the most popular sellers. Keep reading to see what you can get with a Magna Force air compressor.

Magna Force Air Compressors

Magna Force Portable Air Tank 5 gallon:

Magna Force Portable Air Tank 5 gallonThis lightweight and easily portable air compressor weighs 17 lbs and if ideal for inflating tires, blowing off work tables and projects, and inflating balls and pool toys. The 5 gallon tank includes an air pressure gauge, along with a pressure release and shut off valve. It is capable of maximum 135 PSI, and a 3’ x ¼” air hose is also included. The welded handle makes it easy to take the air compressor with you to the job site, and the brass manifold is durable and rust resistant. A one year warranty also comes with the purchase of a new air compressor.

Magna Force Horizontal Portable Air Compressor 20 gallon:

Magna Force Horizontal Portable Air Compressor 20 gallonRear wheels and a straight handle make it easy to take this 20 gallon air compressor with you to job sites, or for moving around the shop. The cast iron body is durable and rust resistant, and an oil lubricated belt helps to keep the 1.9 HP electrical motor operating at optimal efficiency. The one phase engine uses 120V and has a CFM rating of 7 @ 40 PSI. It is certified CSA and UL making it ideal for home and machine shop use. The motor can also use 240V which is used in most commercial work environments. An automatic on and off switch helps to protect the motor from excessive wear and tear, and the included regulator makes it easy for you to keep an eye on  the tank’s air pressure. A two year warranty is also included with the purchase of the air compressor.

Magna Force Industrial Air Compressor 80 gallon 2 stage:

Magna Force Industrial Air Compressor 80 gallon 2 stageFeaturing enough power to run multiple pneumatic tools at the same time, this 80 gallon industrial air compressor has a durable cast iron body and a two stage pump. The motor has protection from overheating for extended life, and the front placed control panel makes it easy to operate. The air compressor is certified by the ASME meeting all industry safety standards, and the vertical compressor can also be bolted into place to prevent accidental tipping. Included in the control panel are pressure gauges for both the 80 gallon tank and the pneumatic tools, along with a regulator and easy release valves. The electric one stage 5.2 HP motor uses 240 volts, and has a CFM rating of 17.5 @ 100 PSI. A two year warranty is also included with the purchase of the industrial air compressor.

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