Best Tire Air Compressors & Inflators

Let’s be honest:

No scenario is scarier than a punctured tire in the middle of nowhere.

Away from any signs of civilization, you’re on your own, with no option but to waive your hand in front of passing-by vehicles for help. And while you could handle the frustration if you’re alone, having a family alongside you in the vehicle makes this scenario more troublesome.

Want to avoid this ‘’fate’’?

Then you might want to purchase the best tire inflators. They inflate tires quickly and efficiently to save you from being stranded for hours. Also, they charge directly from your car’s battery to save you the nuisance of carrying cables.

Smart Pro
2.05 poundsDigital100 PSIYes
Kensun Rapid Performance5 poundsDigita90 PSIYes
0.16 ouncesDigital150 PSIYes
12V DC
2.18 poundsDigital100 PSIYes
5 poundsAnalog80PSINo
2.8 poundsAnalog150 psiNo
P.I. Auto Store 12V DC2.73 poundsDigitalN/AYes
Digital Tire Inflator
8 ouncesDigital250 PSIYes
2.56 poundsDigital150 PSIYes
12V DC
2.15 poundsAnalog150 PSIYes
32.2 poundsAnalog165 PSINo
Campbell Hausfeld FP209499AV18.87 poundsAnalog110 PSIYes
Air Armor
12 Volt
18.8 poundsAnalog120 PSINo
8.5 poundsAnalog150 PSINo
Digital Inflator
6.5 poundsDigital100 PSIYes

Jaco Smart Pro– Best Air Compressor for Tires in 2018

The Jaco Road Pro is a compact and efficient tire inflator whose portability allows you to carry it anywhere. Also, despite being small in size, it is still more versatile than some high-end products in this review.



First thing first, the Jaco Road Pro is a highly versatile unit. That is because of its automatic shut-off technology which allows you to preset the target PSI level, and once the tire reaches it, the unit will automatically shut-off.

Turn this unit around, and you’d see a small, pocket-sized cavity on its back. That is the air hose storage pocket, which means you won’t have to spend money on a storage bag. However, provided you need one, a storage bag is included in the package of the Road Pro.

In contrast to cheap tire inflators, which require you to tighten the nozzle to get a solid connection, the Jaco Road Pro – thanks to its reinforced air rubber hose – won’t have any problems. For, it is a twist connect nozzle which tightens the valve quickly and efficiently, and also makes sure that it doesn’t get loose on its own.

What’s more, this unit features a built-in digital gauge which has a backlit LCD display for easy viewing. This gauge measures with an accuracy of 1 PSI and inflates your tire at a brilliant rate of 25L/min. Two adapters, for other inflatables including sports balls and airbeds, are also included in its package. Finally, on buying this product, you’d also get a 12-month guarantee.

User Critique
Some users were of the view that while unscrewing the inflator’s hose, they ended up losing a PSI or two of air pressure.


  • Rubber feet to dampen vibrations
  • Built-in storage space for power cord and air hose storage
  • Bright LED for night time
  • Backlit LCD screen and digital pressure gauge

  • Susceptible to losing pressure while unscrewing the hose

The Jaco Smart Pro tire inflator comes with a digital pressure gauge screen, two additional adapters, and built-in storage space for its air hose and power cord. Compare these features with its price, and this unit becomes a must-have.


Kensun Rapid Performance– Best AirCompressor for blowing up tires

Compare the Kensun Rapid Performance with the Jaco Road Pro, and you can’t help but notice that this model costs extra. So, does it deserve the extra price that it demands? Let’s find out.



Starting with its charging mechanism, and the Rapid Performance is a highly adaptable unit in this regard. For, apart from charging it directly from your car’s lighter, you can charge this unit from your home’s wall socket as well.

Similarly, the running time of this unit is also impressive. For, most tire inflators lose steam after 15 to 20 minutes of continuous action. The Rapid Performance, however, continues pumping air for 30 minutes at 35psi. It means it could inflate multiple items without overheating.

The digital pressure gauge of this unit, though small in size, is equally impressive. For, in addition to being backlit, its LCD display provides clear, concise readings. And if you want, the display gives you the option to convert the numbers in the units provided.

What’s more, the LCD screen rules out the possibility of over-inflation with its automatic shut-off feature. To activate this setting, all you have to do is to provide the unit with the desired PSI level. Afterward, once it reaches the same level, the shut-off feature would automatically turn off the device.

Also, the handle-shaped design of this model which makes it a cinch to carry. Then there is the white LED light positioned on one side of the unit, which allows you to operate it even in low light conditions. And if you still have doubts about the utility of this model, its 2-year manufacturer warranty should remove them.

User Critique
Users say that the inflation speed of this unit isn’t impressive, with it taking five minutes to increase tire pressure from 10PSI to 34PSI.


  • Digital and Backlit LCD Display
  • AC/DC adapta
  • LED white light for night time work
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty

  • Slow inflation speed

Most inflators suffer from the problem of slow inflation speed, and the Kensun Rapid Performance is nothing different, at least in this regard. Provided you can wait while it brings your tire back to working condition, this model has a lot to offer.


Audew Portable  – Best Small Air Compressor for Auto Tires

While the Kensun Rapid Performance has a plethora of useful features, its slow inflation time scares customers away. So, if you have also ditched it for the same reason, the Audew Portable merits your attention.



Starting with the best this model has to offer, and its one-touch activation comes into play. Once you have pre-set your desired PSI, the model will start inflating the tire on pressing the ‘’On’’ button. And once it has reached your desired PSI level, it will automatically shut-off to prevent over-inflation.

It is also provided with bright LED lights which allow you to use the unit in low light conditions. A digital front-facing LED display, with a blue backlight, is also provided. Apart from letting you set the desired PSI level, the display also acts as a gauge, which means it lets you test the current tire pressure.

What’s more, to make sure you get the right fit for multiple inflatables, Audew comes with three additional connectors in its package. Also, if you think the tire is over-inflated, simply press the nozzle halfway, and it will release extra air.

Moving on, the extra-long, 10ft power cord of this model might have been a double-edged sword, had Audew not provided this model with built-in groves. These grooves, which encircle the inflator, actually provide storage space for the cord, which means you don’t need a carrying bag.

Finally, since this unit draws a meager current of 10 amps and offers a maximum PSI of 150, it produces a noise level of just 60 dB, which means it won’t disturb your whole neighborhood while running.

User Critique
In contrast to the Kensun – which had a running time of 30 minutes – the Audew would require at least one breather if you want it to inflate four, nearly dead tires at the same time.


  • Backlit, digital LCD display
  • Deflating and unit conversion option
  • Auto-shutoff and LED Lights
  • Comes with 3 different tips

  • Small continuous running time

With a 10ft cord, 60 dB noise level, and backlit LCD display, the Audew is one of the most feature-rich inflators in this review. Go for it if you want a high-end product at a competitive price.


EpAuto 12V DC– Best Compressor for filing tires at home

If you can’t afford to spend over the odds on an inflator – but still want your ideal model to provide plenty of features – the EPAuto is an inexpensive model to beat.



For starters, the best thing the EPAuto has to offer is the utility of its navigation buttons, which are located on its control panel. One such button allows you to auto-select desired PSI for each tire so that the device turns off when that pressure is reached.

Then there is the light switch pressing which the EPAuto illuminates its surrounding area. Another button, which is titled ‘’M’’, gives you the current pressure measurement of the tire, so you can use it both before and after inflating the tire.

What’s more, the LCD display of this device allows you to view the current PSI in three different units, which include PSI, BAR, and KPA. You can select which of these units it should display by, once again, taking advantage of the buttons on the control panel.

Also, while it would be connected to the 12V lighter port inside your car – as there is no option for AC charging – the nine-foot cable of this model allows it to reach all four tires of a car with ease. An adapter set, which is useful for sports balls and other inflatables, is also provided in the package.

Finally, despite being small in size, the inflation speed of this unit is impressive. Provided you’re inflating tires of a midsize Sedan SUV, it would inflate all four tires in less than 10 minutes.

User Critique
Since it is a budget-friendly model, some high-end features are missing in this device. For example, you can’t use it to inflate LT, HT, and Truck Tires. Also, it is only recommended for occasional use.


  • 9-foot power cord
  • Backlit LCD display
  • LED working ligh
  • Auto-shutoff

  • Only for occasional use
  • Won’t support LT, HT, and Truck Tires

Weighing a paltry 2.17 pounds, the EPAuto is a highly portable unit with impressive features and a ridiculously low price tag. Provided you don’t need it for heavy duty work, this model deserves a place in your car.


Viair 78P – Best rated portable air compressor for car tires

The Viair 78P stands out from the rest of models in this review with its solid performance, sturdy construction, and handy features. Add to the mix its highly competitive price tag, and this model becomes a must-have.



In addition to providing a 45-inch power hose – which should give you some clue about its inflation speed – the Viair 78P comes with a mammoth 16-foot power cord. That means it could reach all four tires on your vehicle regardless of whether you’re driving a Sedan or Range Rover.

Also, to let you know what you’re doing (or supposed to do) in low light conditions, it comes with a built-in work light. Its 30-minute continuous running time, on the other hand, ensures you’ll be able to inflate every tire back from the dead in one go.

Moving on, the fact that this model provides a press-on check to let you connect it to the tire’s valve stem is another high point of this unit. For, in contrast to screw-on connectors – which most inflators provide these days – a press-on chuck requires less time to connect to the tire, is easy to use, and causes less air loss when being disconnected.

Impressively, since this model has a solid metal casing, that stops it from ‘’moving around’’ on the asphalt when it is operating. Put simply, it won’t vibrate as excessively as some other models in the market. And apart from including a handle in its design, a handy carrying case is also provided in its package.

User Critique
With all due respect to its impressive features, the fact that the Viair 78P has a maximum limit of 80PSI renders it useless for truck tires. Also, there is no shut-off option either.


  • 30-min continuous running t
  • 16-foot long power cord
  • 65 dB noise level
  • Quickly inflates tires

  • Not suitable for tr
  • No automatic shut-off feature

For a unit which can run continuously for 30 minutes, which has a cord length of 30 feet, and which is among the quietest models that we tested, it is a shame that the absence of automatic shut-off feature takes a sheen off the Viair 78P. That said, it is still an above-average model.


Ryobi P737+P107 ONE Plus – Best Portable Air Compressor for RV tires

For those of you looking for a compact car tire inflator, the Ryobi P737 is the choice to beat. It is an inexpensive model which is ergonomically designed and is a cinch to operate.



Measuring 12.8 x 7.5 x 3.7 inches in size, the Ryobi weighs a paltry 2.8 pounds, so you shouldn’t have any problem carrying it around. That despite the fact that no carry case or bag is included in the package of this device.

The Ryobi P737 features a pistol grip handle which makes it easy to operate. The grip zone of this device is provided with a special overmold which ensures optimum comfort while you grip this unit. It means you won’t suffer from hand discomfort even after using this device for extended periods.

What’s more, this unit will never ditch you midway thanks to its charge indicator. It is a backlit, 4-bar indicator which warns you to recharge the unit before its battery runs out of power. You get an analog pressure gauge on the other side which, though not as good as digital, is still easy to read.

More importantly, and this is important, the 18V rechargeable Lithium-plus batter of this model is replaceable with other Ryobi cordless tools. That means that buying a replacement, when the battery runs out its expiry date, won’t be a problem.

User Critique
A couple of cost-cutting measures have been employed in the design of this model. For, unlike most other tire compressors in this review, it doesn’t have either a carry case or auto-shutoff feature.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Pistol grip handl
  • Inflates quickly

  • No carry case
  • No auto shut-off feature

Our review of the Ryobi 737P One Plus model showcases it as a dependable product for a wide range of domestic uses. That said, it totally lacks any bells and whistles which we have seen in some other models in this review.


P.I. Auto Store 12V DC – Best Air Compressor for tires

You can gauge the popularity of this model from the fact that it is one of the best sellers on Amazon. It means that it is already making all the right noises in the market.



Starting with its design, and the PI Auto Store boasts bright LCD display with a digital pressure measuring gauge. Its control panel lets you choose from a plethora of settings, including off mode, flashing red, emergency SOS, and flashlight.

Also, with this tire inflator, there’s no need for you to constantly check whether it has inflated the tire up to the desired pressure or not. Instead, the PI Auto has an auto-shutoff feature which stops the inflator automatically when the job is done.

Equally impressive is the inflation speed of this tire inflator. For, in just under four minutes, it can inflate the tire of a mid-sized car from 0 to 30 PSI – which is the ideal pressure for most tires. Also, the maximum output of this device is 150 PSI.

Furthermore, since it relies on a 12V input, you can charge this unit directly from your car’s inflator, and it also works while charging. It also features a built-in fuse which would save the vehicle if the unit malfunctions.

Lastly, despite costing below the odds, this model provides a lot of accessories in its package. Included is a carry case, 4 spare dust caps, a digital guide to tire care, and a carry case. And you’d also get a 100% money-back guarantee on purchasing this model.

User Critique
Despite all the positive features of this model – and it offers plenty of them – you still cannot use it for inflating tires.


  • Intuitive digital control pane
  • Quickly inflates tires
  • Loads of accessories in its package
  • Auto-shutoff feature

  • Not suitable for truck tires

The PI Auto 12V Tire Inflator justifies its best-selling reputation by offering a decent feature-set and loads of accessories. It shouldn’t evade your attention provided you’re serious about buying a quality product.


AstroAI Digital Tire Inflator – Best for truck tires

In contrast to most other tire inflators in this review – which are only concerned with inflating car tires – the Astro AI is a car and truck tire inflator. Its increased utility, however, doesn’t mean that this unit costs astronomically.



The AstroAI features such calibration which makes sure it delivers within 1% of the exact pressure of your vehicle’s tire. Its gauge accurately measures pressure from 0 to 250 PSI and delivers readings in multiple units including KPA, PSI, Bar, and kg/cm2.

Also, even if you try to search, you won’t find any plastic in the construction of this model. Instead, what you’ll find is a combination of stainless steel and brass, two components which vouch for the durability of this model as they reduce its inner vibrations.

Turning our attention to its screen, the AstroAI features a backlit LED screen to provide easy-to-read measurements. The control panel of this device is simple to operate, as it contains only two buttons; on/off and light.

However, the dearth of buttons on its control panel doesn’t mean that the AstroAI is low on features. For, it features a built-in bleeder valve which lets you quickly decrease air in over-inflated tires. Also provided is an auto-off feature which turns the device off after 20 seconds of inactivity to preserve battery life.

Finally, to make sure you don’t have any doubts about the performance of this unit, AstroAI has provided it with a 3-year warranty.

User Critique
Due to the slightly awkward design of this model, it would have been better had AstroAI provided a carry case in its package. The absence of auto shutoff feature, which turns the device off after it reaches the desired pressure level, is another shortcoming.


  • Backlit LED Screen
  • Pressure range of up to 250PSI
  • Turns off after 20 seconds of inactivity
  • Contains a bleeder valve and 3-year warranty

  • No carry case
  • No auto shut-off feature

Just like the P.I. Auto Store, the AstroAI is one of the best-selling tire inflators on Amazon. Therefore, even with its shortcomings that we discussed above, this model is favored by the majority.


Helteko Portable – Best Home Air Compressor for Car Tires

The Helteko Portable Air Compressor is a pocket-sized, vacuum-shaped tire inflator which gets the job done without costing over the odds. To determine whether or not you should buy it, let’s look at its features.



Starting with its design, Helteko – the manufacturer of this model – has taken no prisoners with the construction of this unit. For, while other inflators in this price spectrum rely on a combo of plastic and stainless steel, Helteko has gone for ABS and Stainless steel. It means that there are no question marks on the durability of this product.

Fortunately, an auto-shutoff feature is also included in this model’s feature set. It is a useful technology as it turns off the compressor automatically once the tire’s air pressure reaches your desired level. So, you won’t have to worry about over-inflation with this model.

Moving on, the Helteko is a versatile model which can inflate a medium-sized car’s tire in 3 to 5 minutes. In addition, its long cable allows the Helteko to inflate the wheels of a bike, SUV, motorcycle, as well as other inflatables including air beds and sports balls.

What’s more, while most other compressors in this review produce a noise level of over 60 dB, the operating noise of the Helteko is less than 50 dB. That despite the fact that it boasts an impressive flow rate of 35L / minute of air.

Finally, in addition to providing three separate nozzles, this model provides two warranties: satisfaction warranty and an 18-months extended warranty.

User Critique
For a unit which ticks all the right boxes, the fact that the Helteko has a continuous running time of just 10 minutes takes the sheen off its features.


  • ABS and Stainless Steel construction
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • LCD Digital Dis
  • 18-months warranty

  • Continuous running time of only 10 minutes

As suggested earlier, the Helteko Portable Air Compressor makes all the right noises with its impressive feature set. Provided you can afford to give it a rest after every 10 minutes, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go for it.


DBPOWER 12V DC – Best Garage Air Compressor for Car Tires

Ask any car mechanic worth their salt, and he’d testify that the name of DB Power ranks among one of the most respected brands on the market. It means that this tire inflator has a lot to live up to, even before we turn our attention to its features.



Measuring 7.9 x 6.3 x 3.1 inches and with a weight of 2.15 pounds, the DBPower 12V inflator is a portable unit with a continuous running time of 10 minutes. It has a maximum pressure of 150 PSI and can inflate a mid-sized car from 0 to 35 PSI in just over 4 minutes.

Safety-wise, not many inflators take as many precautions as the DBPower. For, it comes with an extra fuse which comes into play if/when you overload the pump. Then, the fuse will blow itself, saving both the inflator as well as your vehicle.

Moving on, the long charging cable of this unit makes it a convenient-to-use device. Since it measures 12feet (3 meters), you can have the inflator connected to the car’s lighter and still access all four wheels with it.

Turn the unit around, and you’d notice three features which are worthy of a mention here. Located beside the control panel are cooling vents which prevent the unit from overheating. On one side is a cavity where you can easily fold and store the hose. Beneath the model are rubber feel to ensure its stability.

Finishing with a glance at its accessories, the DB Power provides two adapters, one nozzle, and one fuse in its package. You also get a 12-month warranty on the product.

User Critique
Two features are missing in this unit, the first of which auto-shutoff. It means that you’d have to manually turn off the unit once it reaches the desired pressure. Also, no carry case is provided alongside it.


  • Contains a built-in fuse
  • 12feet long cable
  • Low noise motor
  • Rubber feet

  • No auto shut-off
  • No carry case

The DB Power 12V DC Tire Inflator is a reliable unit which is durable and contains an impressive feature-set. Add to this its 12-month long warranty, and this unit becomes a must-have.


DEWALT’s DWFP55126 – Best 6 Gallon Compressor

For those of you who are looking for a compressor which can perform most tasks, the DeWalt DWFP55126 6-gallon compressor deserves your attention. For, not only does it belong to a respectable brand, but it has a decent feature-set as well.



The DeWalt DWFP55126 has a six-gallon tank which is capable of delivering a maximum of 165 PSI. However, if you increase its output to 2.6 SCFM, the pump would still provide air at 90PSI. That range makes it a good fit for small tasks.

Safety-wise, you won’t find any faults with this model thanks to its design. For, it has a special valve which doesn’t allow its output pressure to exceed 165 PSI. What’s more, when the air pressure drops below 135 PSI, its motor kick-starts due to a built-in pressure switch, hence ensuring adequate air pressure all the time.

What’s more, it prevents overheating thanks to its thermal overload protection, which, in turn, makes the product durable. An oil-free configuration is also provided to ensure maintenance free operation. Impressively, even when you operate it at full capacity, its maximum noise output is 75.5 dB.

Furthermore, it features a nifty control panel which includes all the important compressor components. And its design is such that all the connectors and gauges are knock and bump free. Also, it can connect to two air tools at once.

User Critique
In case you were wondering, the above-average air pressure output of this unit comes at a cost. For, at 33 pounds, it is the heaviest model in this review.


  • 6-gallon tank
  • Supports two users simultaneously
  • 165 PSI maximum pressure

  • Heavy

The DeWalt DWFP55126 6 gallon tank makes short work of nailing and trim finishing tasks. Combine that with its quiet operation, three-year’ warranty, and fewer maintenance requirements, and this unit becomes a must-have for home or construction works.


Campbell Hausfeld FP209499AV – Best Portable 3 Gallon Air Compressor

For those of you who find ultraportable compressors to light on the power side – but don’t want to pay a premium for 6-gallon tanks, the Campbell Hausfeld with its 3-gallon tank bridges the gap.



First of all, despite having a formidable tank capacity, the Campbell Hausfeld is a cinch to move around. That is, because, it weighs a paltry 21 pounds. It means you can move this unit around multiple work sites without extra effort.

More importantly, the consistent 90 PSI output of this model enables it to operate a wide variety of power tools, including paint guns and staple. Then comes the ten-piece accessory kit which is more than enough for all your basic needs.

Glancing inside the accessory kit, and it contains essential items including attachments for bike, car, and needle inflators. Other attachments, including a blow gun, tapered inflation nozzle, and two male plugs, make it useful with various power tools.

What’s more, when you’re using this compressor, you won’t have to worry about its performance. For, it is a reliable performer which provides a maximum of 110 PSI. Also, while it supplies 0.5 CFM air at 50 PSI, this unit doesn’t suffer from pressure drop, as evidenced by its 0.36 CFM rate at 90 PSI.

Finally, in addition to containing a handle for easy transportation, this model also has an air hose coil cavity built around it. Once you are done, you can wrap the air hose coil around this cavity for easy storage.

User Critique
We think the Campbell Hausfeld FP209499AV could have done a little better had it replaced its analog gauge with a digital one.


  • Ultra-portable
  • 10-piece accessory kit
  • Lightweight

  • No digital gauge

The Campbell Hausfeld FP2094499AV perfectly bridges the gap between larger-six gallon tanks and ultraportable compressors. Go for this unit if you want the best of both worlds.


Air Armor 12 Volt– Best Air Compressor for 35’’ Tires

If you own a 4×4 vehicle – and want an air compressor which can complement its tires – your search ends with the Air Armor 12 volt. Not only does it boast high inflation speed but this unit is super-portable as well.



Starting with its inflation speed, and the Air Armor can bring a tire back from the dead to 35 Psi in less than five minutes. That is, because, it doesn’t take power from your car’s lighter. Instead, it is your car’s battery which powers this unit and enables it to deliver high-end performance.

Just like the Campbell Hausfeld, the Air Armor provides a convenient kit in its package. This kit includes various tire parts, accessories, and tools. To give you a clue of what lies inside it, a 4-way tire valve tool, tire repair kit, and 2 gauges are just three of the TWENTY-SEVEN items present in the kit.

Moving on, at the heart of this compressor lies a 12-volt compressor with a 10’ power cord which clips to your car’s battery. As a result, it provides a maximum of 2.11 CFM, the flow rate which inflates a full-size truck tire in less than 2 minutes.

What’s more, the compressor also has a built-in pressure bleed valve which protects the tire from the dangers of over-inflation. And apart from having a maximum working pressure of 120 PSI, it contains a water-resistant, steel powder-coated storage locker. The sturdiness of this locker protects its inner elements – which include the compressor itself – against the elements of nature.

User Critique
Users noticed two major problems with this device. First, they think that its shape is anything but compact. Second, its heavyweight failed to impress them as well.


  • Quickly inflates truck tires
  • Pressure bleed valve
  • Steel powder-coated storage tank
  • Accessory-rich kit

  • Heavy and not compact

There aren’t many compressors out there which are useful for inflating truck tires. And among those who do, the Air Armor 12 Volt is undoubtedly the best.


VIAIR 400P – Best Air Compressor for Off-Road Tires

All of us know that off-road tires are subjected to more abuse than their on-road counterparts. Therefore, what they need in a compressor is that it provides power which stays long. Fortunately, in the VIAIR 400P, they get just that.




The VIAIR 400P is a part of its manufacturer’s Heavyweight series and offers a 33 percent duty cycle. In plain English, that means that it remains on 33% of the time, which is rather significant for a 12V air compressor.

Also, since its charger clips directly to your car’s battery, the 400P boasts a maximum of 150 PSI. As a result, if you own a tire of up to 35 inches, the 400P will inflate it within 5 minutes. And since this unit has a continuous running time of 40 minutes, you can inflate 8 tires in one go.

Another reason why you may want to buy this compressor is that it doesn’t come alone. That is, it is a part of a package, which includes extras for free. And among those extras, our favorites include the 30-feet hose extension, battery clamps, 8-feet power cable, and inflation tips kit.

Remember, these are only the items in the kit that we liked, there are others – including a pressure gauge, carry bag, inflation gun, and a 30-foot hose – which are included in the kit, too. Also available for free is an anti-vibration tree which keeps its inner items stable under external pressure.

Finally, despite providing so many useful features, the VIAIR 400P weighs a paltry 8.50 pounds. And if you’re still having trouble whether it’s worth the cost or not, a 1-year guarantee on this product should sweeten the deal.

User Critique
Users complain that the user-guide which accompanies this model is too vague. As a result, setting up this unit for the first time might not be easy.


  • Inflates 35’’ tires within 5 minutes
  • 40 minutes continuous running ti
  • Includes several accessories in its kit

  • Vague user-guide

The VIAIR 400P offers a great amalgam of performance, durability, and competitive price. Therefore, off-road riders have a lot to gain with the selection of this unit.


TireTek Digital Inflator – Best Air Compressor for Motorcycle Tires

The TireTek Digital Inflator is another air compressor which draws its power from a 12V source. However, apart from its power source, this model has far too many features to differentiate it from riffraff.



Starting with its operation, and the TireTek is a cinch to operate, thanks in no small part to its auto shut-off feature. To activate this feature, all you’ve to do is to give the inflator its pressure target in either PSI, BAR, KPA, or kg/cm. Once it achieves that, the auto-shutoff feature would turn off the unit to prevent over-inflation.

Since it is a compact and lightweight unit, the noise of the TireTek was not too loud, to begin with. However, its manufacturer wanted to take no chances, as evidenced by the rubber feet of this model. Apart from lowering its noise level by dissipating vibrations, the rubber feet also stabilize the unit.

What’s more, apart from providing the traditional 12V DC power cord, the TireTek includes two USB charging sockets in its package. Also available are four nozzle accessories using which you can inflate motorcycle, car, and even truck tires.

Lastly, if you decide to purchase this product, accompanying it to your doorstep will be a deluxe carry bag. And guess what, the bag won’t be empty; as it would include an 11.5ft. Hose extension.  And you’d also get a 12-month warranty.

User Critique
Although the manufacturer claims that this unit can inflate truck tires, it has failed to include a tire chuck in the kit of this model.


  • Digital Gauge
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • Includes an accessory kit in its package
  • 12-month warranty

  • No tire chuck

The TireTek Digital Inflator is a premium tire air compressor which comes at a below average price. Go for it if you’re fed up with looking at manual gauges.


Types of Air Compressors
Pancake Air CompressorsWheelbarrow Air CompressorsHot Dog Air CompressorsTwin Stack Air CompressorInflators
Pancake air compressors resemble the shape of a round, flat storage tank. They are more stable and require less storage space. It means they are easy to store.
Most of the time, wheelbarrow air compressors consist of two cylindrical tanks, both of which are filled with compressed air. Also, despite the fact that they contain more air than other portable air compressors, wheelbarrow air compressors are ultra-portable thanks to their handle and wheels.
The hot dog air compressors are so ubiquitous that most households use them. They are available in both vertical as well as horizontal shapes.
Had it not been for one feature, the twin stack air compressors would have had no different with their hot dog counterparts. For, while the hot dog compressor contains one cylinder, the twin stack – as suggested by their name – contains two horizontal tanks.
In stark contrast to every compressor mentioned above, inflators do not have any storage tank. Instead, they rely on their motor for continuous air supply.
How to Choose the Correct Tire Inflator Brand?
A small search on Amazon will reveal to you the sheer number of brands selling tire inflators. How do you know which one is the correct? By answering these questions.

  • Does it have a responsive Customer Service Department (Hint: Check Reviews)
  • What is the manufacturing place of the tire inflator?
  • How much warranty are you getting on the product? After answering this question, look at what other products are offering.
  • What is the number and quality of accessories included in the inflator’s package? Make sure your inflator offers a balanced combination of both.
  • What is the length of the power cord? It should be enough to reach all four tires while the inflator is connected to the battery for charging.
How to Use a Tire Inflator?
Before we tell you how to use a tire inflator, it is imperative you know the current pressure of your tire. For this, press the tire inflator into the air valve of your tire. Afterward, hold it until the gauge of the inflator shows a reading.
Finally, follow these four steps:

Keep the tire coldRemove Caps of Valve SteAttach the InflatorRemove the inflator
Before doing anything with the tire, make sure it is cold. That is, it shouldn’t have covered a long distance. It is preferable you inflate your car’s tires before covering a mile’s distance.
First of all, locate where the valve stem of your tire lies. Then, take the caps off the valve step. Once you’ve removed them, make sure you place the caps nearby as their tiny size makes it very easy for them to get lost.
Take the air hose of the inflator and pull it to the tire you want to inflate. Then, attach the inflator’s tip to the air valve. Next, start the inflator and hold it there until your desired pressure has been attained.
Before removing the inflator, check its gauge as to whether your desired pressure has been achieved. Then, remove the inflator and put the caps back on the valve stem.

Best Tire Air Compressor – Buying Guide

Use the below-mentioned criteria to assess any tire inflator before you make your decision or whether to purchase it or not. This way, you’d be making an informed choice.

What Should You Look For In An Inflator?

Gauge legibility

Just like everything else in life, knowing when to stop while inflating a vehicle’s tire is crucial to the success of the whole operation. And you can only be sure that the tire has achieved your desired pressure by looking at the inflator’s gauge. It is for this reason that the gauge needs to be legible.

A legible gauge is the one where numbers aren’t squeezed too closely. Also, it should have clear markings for 5 and 10-psi increments.  It is better if you can afford to forego an analog gauge in favor of a digital one. Or, if you can’t, try to get a gauge which offers illumination.

Inflation Speed

You can check the speed at which the inflator will pump up your tire merely by looking at its charging mechanism. For, inflators that take power from the cigarette charge of your car inflate slowly than those who connect directly to the terminals of the battery.

As a result, while heavy-duty inflators will fill up the tire in less than 2 minutes, the slowest might take as much as 11 minutes for the same. However, for the majority, the duration is between 4 and 8 minutes.

Power Cord and Hose Length

The power cord is that part of the inflator which connects it to the battery. Hose, on the contrary, is the one which connects it to the tire. Both these parts need to have enough length to ensure you can reach all four tires on your vehicle with ease.

Also, in addition to length, make sure your inflator offers a storage cavity to let you stow the hose or cord when they aren’t in use. Some models offer a small cavity in their back for storage purposes.

Continuous Running Time

A large number of vehicle owners are unaware of the fact that there is a limit to the time their inflator can run continuously. That is, most manufacturers recommend that you let their inflators cool down after using for more than 10 or 15 minutes.

Otherwise, if you keep on running the inflator, it might damage itself by overheating. However, if you don’t want to get in this nuisance, get an inflator with an automatic shut-off feature. This feature automatically turns off the inflator if its temperature crosses a certain threshold.


Most of the tire inflators available in the market are pretty light, so you should go for an option weighing between 2 and 6 pounds. There are some, however, which are ultra-lightweight; as they weigh less than a pound.

Once you have decided on the weight, it would be better for the portability of the inflator if it came with a carrying handle. Either that or a carrying case – provided it comes in the inflator’s package – bode well for the portability of the inflator.

Some Additional Features You May Want
Multiple AdaptersAuto-ShutoffLED Flash LightDigital DisplaySmall Increments
Want your inflator to be multi-purpose? Make sure it comes with multiple adapters. These are devices which connect the inflator to the stem of the valve. Therefore, if your device provides a number of them, you could use the same inflator for airbeds, sports balls, and other inflatables.
Inflators with an auto-shutoff feature are a godsend if you don’t want to over-inflate your tires. You activate this feature by setting a target PSI level, after achieving which the auto-shutoff feature turns off the inflator. Consequently, you don’t expose your tire to the hazards of over-inflation.
Though available in a select few models – including the JACO Smart Pro – the LED Flash Light feature is a lifesaver if your car goes flat when it’s dark out there. You can use this light not only to detect where the valve of the tire lies but also to alert the passing by vehicles of your presence.
Have trouble reading the tiny numbers on an analog gauge? Go digital. You’ll never have to get close to the gauge to determine your tire’s current pressure thanks to the digital numbers on the gauge.
If you cannot afford to pay the premium for digital display, the next big thing is an analog gauge with small increments, which means 2-degree increments. This makes the gauge easier to read, even when you’re standing up.
Your search for the best tire inflators ends here. Not only did we provide you with detailed reviews of the best tire inflators out there – but we also included a comprehensive buying guide. Therefore, we have every reason to hope that you now have enough information to make a detailed choice.

That said, if there’s something bugging you about tire inflators – or some product which you think should be included in this review, please feel free to let us know.

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