Campbell Hausfeld CC 2300 Portable Inflator Review

With so many inflators available in the market, choosing the right one can sometimes be a daunting task. However with proper analysis and adequate product reviews it can be done easily. So…
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With so many inflators available in the market, choosing the right one can sometimes be a daunting task. However with proper analysis and adequate product reviews it can be done easily. So for all the people who desire to purchase an effective inflator, the Campbell Hausfeld CC 2300 Portable Inflator is an appropriate option for them. They are highly-efficient and meet the needs comfortable.


They are very portable and weighs about 10LBS. They are also durable and last for about 8 years, maybe even longer if kept and regularly charged in a warm enclosed arena. They are extremely easy to use and can be comfortably transported from one place to another without any issue. The switches and light indicators are clear, appealing, ergonomic and sensible. The handle and other extensive features are also likeable.


As per the manual description, the battery has enough power to completely fill up about 8 car tires or for that matter make an 8 watt television function for about 14+ hours. Its maximum energy output is about 15 amps at about 12 volts. They as mentioned are extremely long lasting and if it is used in accordance to the prescribed instructions, there is a good chance that they may exceed its assigned longevity. It contains an acid lead battery which as per the instruction goes, must be charged before it fuzzes out. Doing so will increase its battery life eventually increasing its functionality also.

Power requirements:

This is an electrically charged device which is adequate for tires. The only requirement which one needs to do is charge the battery as it gets low on charge. They are cordless and serves as an effective tool for both indoor as well as outdoor works.

Campbell Hausfeld CC 2300 Portable Inflator


  • Its cigarette lighter sockets enable a 12 volt power renderence which as a result allow one to recharge from the vehicles cigarette lighter.
  • The in-built air pressure gauge and clip-on inflator enables tire filling quick work.
  • It is extremely compact and is accompanied by little contraptions such as extra fuse, 12 V cord, hose, charging device and etc.
  • The unit makes for easy and quick tire pressure maintenance.


  • The nature of the device makes it an effective house hold device, but they are not considered appropriate for industrial works.
  • They are also not meant to be employed while being plugged within a 110v AC.
  • The pressure gauge shows only 4LBS which as per the views of the people need to compensate.

Concluding summarization:

Thus concluding they are really effective air filling contraption. They are also very cost-friendly and can be obtained at any online trading portal. The exact price is only $49.99. They are mainly used for recharge cell phones, inflate bicycle tires and will last for several years that is if it is used as per the encrypted instructions.

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Lindsey Gillingham

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