Campbell Hausfeld RP3200 12-Volt Inflator and Work Light Review

An air compressor is a very versatile source of power, if you identify what you need before you purchase it. Air compressors can offer a lot of assistance's, but at the…
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An air compressor is a very versatile source of power, if you identify what you need before you purchase it. Air compressors can offer a lot of assistance’s, but at the same time care should be taken when selecting one to make sure you get precisely what you need. An air compressor is a device that takes in air and compresses it, making the weight of the air inside the tank advanced than the air outside of the tank. Air compressors have the capacity to bring a variety of diverse levels of power, depending on what’s wanted.


Weighting just 3.1 pounds, the weight of Campbell Hausfeld RP3200 is maybe its main marketing point. Due to its handy size that’s less than 13 inches diverse and you have a compressor that you can only take just about wherever. This increases resistance and elasticity when carrying out tasks. The movable size of the machine elegance also donates in making it hard, dropping the weight that comes with bulky device’s.


You can get this product within $29.99. So, in spite of its economical price, Campbell Hausfeld RP3200, doesn’t texture like a cheap product and you do get enthusiastic that it was built to last. The product is totally oil free and you don’t require preserving it daily. There is zero maintenance cost. And many customer appraisals have demanded over a year of even use without problems.

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Power Requirements

The Campbell Hausfeld RP3200 is an electric air compressor. Unlike gas compressors, they do not create vapors and therefore they are inoffensive to use inside. This is an excellent 12 Volt Inflator for light to regular duty increase jobs.

Pros of the Campbell Hausfeld RP3200

  • cigarette lighter plug,
  • portable, easy to carry
  • sensible price
  • up to 1 year warranty

Cons of the Campbell Hausfeld RP3200

  • A tad noisy


Campbell Hausfeld 12-Volt Inflator with Light (RP320000AV)
List Price: $24.46
Price: $23.73
You Save: $0.73
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The Campbell Hausfeld RP3200 is the best portable air compressor currently in the market. It’s provides fast, easy increase of high-pressure items such as tires and sporting equipment. Suitably functions from your car’s 12-volt outlet. The shaking that occurs when it is operating is such that the device must be held down or it will jump around. It’s strong and reasonable in price. Used this at the tractor, private car, van to enhance air to the tires, the wildest lighter air compressor I ever used.

Lindsey Gillingham

Lindsey Gillingham

A local Austin, TX kinetic artist, Lindsey uses her compact air compressor to power everything from her spray guns and brushes, to a vast assortment of pneumatic tools that she uses to create her outdoor wind art. Able to give us tips on everything from the best pneumatic tools to use for cutting metal to care and cleaning of paint sprayers, we look forward to reading her insight articles. When Lindsey isn't working on her art, you can often find her scouring the local scrap yards looking for more materials to work with.
Lindsey Gillingham

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