The Common Uses of Compressed Air

Uses of Air Compressor
Air Compressor Buying Guide

Compressed air has many functions. According to research, in Europe, 10% of the industrial electrical consumption was used in order to produce compressed air. The thing with compressed air is that it is far more expensive than other utilities out there such as electricity and water. There are different purposes in which compressed air is used. Here are some of them.

Scuba diving

Ever wondered how people breathe underwater? With pressurized air, they can bring the tank on water. Here, this allows the divers to have more freedom. It functions similar to a child’s umbilical cord. Compressed air typically is attached to a rebreather allowing the diver to exchange carbon dioxide and oxygen.


Air Compressor Uses

Another function of compressed air is for pneumatics. Air compressors are used in order to power tools like those made for spraying paint, and even nail guns. As long as you fall under the category of air tools, this is typically the case.


Compressed air is also used in order to fire paintballs and BB guns as well as pellets. Though not as powerful as those that make use of a firing pin, this could still carry some decent amount of knocking power which could take out rats and other small animals.

inflating the car’s tiresAir compressors are used in order to make use of compressed air in different functions. In fact, today, there are many kinds of air compressors that you could purchase. It is imperative that you know the exact purpose why you are going to have an air compressor. It can be used for simple functions such as inflating the car’s tires. Also, it can be used for industrial purposes such as moving large objects. In the past, compressed air was used in order to move the watch in Paris.

Air compressors throughout history have several functions. What we mentioned are just some of the countless number of practical applications that you can do when you have compressed air. Construction of the air compressors differ from each other though. You have an air compressor that is only capable of producing around 150 psi, and there are those that could produce higher pressure.

Now, which one should you have as an air compressor? The answer is depending to your needs. There are different kinds of things that you will see among modern day compressors. These things range from industrial to those that you could use at home.

Given the different things that you can do with the air compressor, you need to at least have an idea which product you want to buy. You may also want to check the reviews made by other people. Try to see if the real life experience and the advertised features meet each other. And of course, it is always a good idea that you assess different factors such as price and the durability of the air compressors.

Compressed air has several functions to us since time immemorial. In fact, if you will trace the history of air compressors, you will be surprised where its concepts are already utilized to fan fire in 2000BC. Having the right kind of air compressors however can be a bit daunting.

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