Where To Find DeVilbiss Air Compressor Parts


It is a fact of life, over time you will have to replace some of the parts on your DeVilbiss air compressor. Some parts may wear down with continual use, while others are replaced during regular maintenance. Whether you need a new part due to technical upgrades or it is simply time to replace an old one, we have listed some of the most common parts owners of a DeVilbiss air compressor are usually looking for.

DeVilbiss Air Compressor Parts

DeVilbiss 130525 QC3 Air Filter and Dryer

DeVilbiss QC3 Air Filter Dryer 130525

Quickly remove any oil, water or humidity from any type of finish, to give your project a smooth feel and shine. A shut off valve, regulator, and gauge are include with the filter and dryer, and the interchangeable filter is easy to remove and replace. For best results, it is recommended that you use this pneumatic tool 25 feet away from the compressor. When the tool is running, you also only experience a two PSI drop in air pressure.


DeVilbiss HAV511 Air Adjusting Valve with Gauge

DeVilbiss Air Valve with Gauge HAV511This adjustable valve regulator with gauge can even work with the GTI Millennium and Plus Gun. The regulator lets you control the air flow and pressure, while the gauge always lets you know how much compressed air is left in the tank. The lightweight design will fit almost any type of spray gun, and is easy to attach and remove. The regulator is equipped to read up to 160 PSI.


DeVilbiss Left Hand Gauge For Air Compressors ZAC00101

DeVilbiss Left Hand Gauge For Air Compressors ZAC00101

This air compressor tank gauge can be used on all DeVilbiss models along with Delta and Black & Decker. It is easy to read and attach, and is constructed from a high quality, durable steel.


DeVilbiss Flow Valve for Air Compressors

This flow valve is a certified OEM replacement part and fits on the DeVilbiss Type O air compressor model. The valve will also fit several Craftsman air compressor models.

DeVilbiss DAC-140 Flow Valve for AF2520 Type-0 Air Compressor

DeVilbiss Digital Gauge and Adjusting Air Valve

This lightweight gauge and adjustable valve is designed to work with water and liquid based materials. It can give you the precise amount of air flow you need, without disrupting the pressure. In most cases you will never need to recalibrate the gauge, and it is also approved for use by the UL and CSA. The digital screen is easy to read, and features a break and shatterproof covering.

DeVilbiss/Craftsman Air Compressor Compression Ring

DeVilbiss Craftsman Air Compressor Compression RingThis OEM replacement part will work with Craftsman and Black & Decker air compressors, along with the DeVilbiss models. To see if this will fit your air compressor simply refer to the owner’s manual and look for the serial number CAC-248-2.


DeVilbiss HARG510 Air Regulator and Gauge Assembly

DeVilbiss Air Regulator and Assembly Gauge

This regulator and gauge assembly will fit almost any professional and commercial spray gun, and can give you a continual flow of air so you can quickly finish any project. It is lightweight and can be comfortably used by either right or left handed sprayers, and it is also easy to attach or remove in seconds. While this regulator assembly can be used with most spray guns, it is not intended to be used with HVLP pneumatic guns.

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