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In our article we bring to the readers the Got Air Mini Compressor, Pump, Inflator. It is a top notch product and possesses several cool features. This is also a…
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In our article we bring to the readers the Got Air Mini Compressor, Pump, Inflator. It is a top notch product and possesses several cool features. This is also a popular choice among several experts as well as the general people. Millions are fans of it. Hence all those readers who are interested in purchasing this wonderful inflator, they can know about it specifications by browsing through the article below.


Of among the most portable products available in the market, this product would definitely find a name for itself. They are easily portable as the weight only about 4.4 pounds. They have a heavy duty metallic body with a handle of about 10 ft cord, about 3 ft rubber air hose and 4 nozzle adapters having metal stems.  They are extremely user friendly and if the need of transporting it from one spot to another comes, it can be done with no problems what-so-ever.

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The Got Air Mini Compressor, Pump, Inflator is also extremely durable and long-lasting. Its heavy duty air compressor can be plugged into any vehicle cigarette lighting device and inflate just about anything. The pumps were designed specifically for people on the go. It is why they are a favorable choice for so many marketing egg-heads as they can virtually turn out to be a life-saver at the time of roadside emergencies.

Product specifications:

They mainly comprise of a mini 100 PSI compressor, comprise of a heavy metallic body structure comprising of a handle, DC motor of about 12 Volts which are rated at about 14Amps. They area great little powerhouse and has the ability to inflate tires of bikes, cars and mattresses and camping in just a few minutes.


  • They are very compact in design.
  • It provides about 1/4HP at about 14amps.
  • They provide 100PSI exact metal pressure gauges
  • They are extremely durable, portable and are tailor-made for long term usages.


There are several people who have complained that the pump gives out stinky as well as horrible smell. They get all over the hands and are also cancerous.

Concluding summarization:

Thus on a concluding note they are extremely efficient products to have around. They are super-effective in inflating tires, kiddy pools and other house hold activities. They are very popular and are available in almost every trading online portal at just $49.99. They as per the views of the customers are very adequate tools to have and the way they are designed it makes them a portable device among the general people.

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