Industries that Made Use of Air Compressors

Industries that Made Use of Air Compressors
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An air compressor is a great investment for so many homes, as well as businesses. The technology is applied in different situations. In fact, we may not notice it, but it is being used for refrigeration, air conditioning units and even for painting.

The concept of the air compressor can be traced to ancient history. In fact, 2,000BC, there’s evidence that the concept of air compressors have been used to fan the flame for cooking and for other practical purpose during that time. Through the years, technology has developed to the point where it has evolved in functions. These days, it is considered as the fourth major commodity. In the UK, electric consumption in the industries attribute to the operation of air compressors. What are the top industries that have benefitted from the technology of the air compressors? Here are some industries that made use of the technology.

Industries that Made Use of Air Compressors

Industries That Made Use of Air Compressors

One of the top industries that made use of the air compressor is the carpentry industry. As rule of thumb, for every sander for instance, you will need to have at least a 5hp power motor on the air compressor.

Next, you have the petroleum industry that made use of this technology. Natural gas pipeline for instance is powered by the air compressors. Here, it is operated by a turbine. The function of this technology is to ensure the operation even without the presence of external power source.

Pneumatic tools are also powered by the air compressors. This enables industries work on different functions. For instance, do you ever wonder how car repair companies lift cars effortlessly? It is through the use of air compressors that this is possible. The concept of air pressure moving objects has gone to this point.

Also, air compressors are also used for medical facilities. Could you imagine what if there is no oxygen tank used on hospitals? This could lead to serious problems not only during operation but also to patients suffering from pulmonary problems. The air compressors are also used to charge the scuba diving equipment. And of course, air compressors are needed by the welders in order to have their oxygen and acetylene tanks filled.

There are many uses of an air compressor. If you will look at the different functions of the air compressors to our day to day life, you will realize how crucial this equipment is. As rule of thumb, you should never purchase an air compressor that is not sufficient to carry out the things that your business requires. Also, you may want to look at how the air compressor is operated. Is it operated via electricity or does it require to have gas? Also, how much horsepower is enough for the requirements? And of course, what kind of air compressor is needed or suggested by the industry?

If you don’t have any idea about the type of air compressor to purchase, try to see the review websites, or even get the help of industry leaders in order to not make the wrong mistake.

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