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Magnum air compressors
Air Compressor Buying Guide

Magnum air compressorsMagnum air compressors are relatively new to the industrial market, first making an appearance in the late 1990’s. Manufactured by Sri Varu Industries, these air compressors have proven to be powerful, durable, and efficient. The company is based in India, and is proud to manufacture a wide range of industrial 3 and 4 horsepower air compressors able to power must pneumatic tools.

Magnum air compressors include high volume and oil free compressors, and both are long lasting and durable. If you are looking for a powerful air compressor that is more efficient, than a high volume compressor might be what your factory needs. This pneumatic machine was designed to replace the less efficient screw compressors, and the high volume one is also less expensive. It can power multiple air tools at one time, saving you money on time and the additional electricity of running several screw compressors.

The oil free compressors by Magnum are designed for use in hospital, food, and pharmaceutical industry, or for anywhere else that prohibits moisture or containment’s in the air. The oil free pump requires little maintenance, and is easy to clean and install. These compressors also feature a low noise output, and very little vibrations, making them ideal for hospitals and other health care facilities. They are easy to operate, and these compressors are generally less expensive than their competitors.

Magnum air compressors are designed for use in any industrial setting. They are powerful, quiet, and efficient, and in most cases cost less than competitors’ models. Magnum air compressors also meet all international regulations and standards. Each one includes an owner’s manual, along with access to incredible customer service and help. To give you more of an idea of what is included with a Magnum air compressor, we’ve included a brief review of one of the company’s top selling models.

Top Magnum Air Compressor

Magnum Air 15 Gallon Air Compressor 4 HP

Magnum Air 15 Gallon Air Compressor 4 HPThis air compress can be easily moved between jobs, and locked into place when the motor is running. Back wheels and an attached curved handle make rolling this durable compressor around the shop a quick and easy job. The powerful 4 HP motor is capable of completing 2850 RPM in a single rotation, and the single phase air compressor plugs into to 115V electrical sources. To prevent overheating a preset automatic on/off switch is included, along with a gauge to monitor air pressure. The CFM rating is 4.3 @ 40 PSI, and the air compressor is capable of maximum 90 PSI. To help keep moisture from building in the tank or hose, a convenient release valve is located on the base of the 15 gallon tank. This air compressor can be used on construction sites for power nail guns and small sanders, and is also ideal for home and commercial garages and machine shops. It is even powerful enough to run a spray gun for a perfectly even paint job. The air compressor is also priced lower than most of its competitors’ models.

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