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Diesel Air CompressorDiesel air compressors are available in different sizes for a wide variety of jobs. These pneumatic machines are portable, and are ideal for any work area where electricity might be a problem. The compressors are durable, long lasting and efficient, and can power most pneumatic construction tools. A smaller diesel air compressor is ideal for home and shop use, and can be used to power blowers, sanders, inflate tires, and even smaller wrenches and screwdrivers.

Since there is not an electrical cord limiting their range of movement, these portable air compressors are ideal for busy construction sites. With the wheeled bases, these compressors can easily follow the work around. Frame houses, or uses it for jobs alongside the road. A diesel air compressor is easy to use and maintain, and the motor functions the same way that it does in a vehicle. With all of the benefits that are associated with diesel air compressors, it is easy to see why they are so popular.

To help you find the best diesel air compressor for your needs, we have included brief reviews of some of the more popular models. Keep reading to see what you can do with a portable diesel air compressor.

Recommended Diesel Air Compressors

ETQ 7 HP Diesel Air Compressor w/ Electric Start

ETQ 7 HP Diesel Air Compressor w Electric StartWith a powerful 7 HP diesel motor, you can run almost all of your pneumatic tools. The easy lift dual handles makes it easy for you to wheel the air compressor from job to job, while the two front legs give the compressor stability while it is running. The fuel tank is capable of up to 11 hours of run time at 50 percent load, which gives you a running time that is much longer than gasoline. An automatic recoil and easy electric start get you ready to work in only seconds, and hi flow regulator is included so you can control the amount of air pressure. A one year limited warranty is also included with the purchase of a new air compressor.

Air Compressor 6 HP Diesel Motor Electric Start

Air Compressor 6 HP Diesel Motor Electric StartCapable of a CFM rating of 18.6 @ 125 PSI, the 6 HP diesel air compressors is capable of running all of your pneumatic tools without a problem. Whether you are using a power washer or an impact wrench, the three cylinder pump will make sure you have enough compressed air. The 30 gallon tank is durable and horizontally placed for additional stability, while the curved handle and two rear wheels make it easy to move around construction sites or in the shop. Oil lubricated for engine protection, with two gauges and a regulator also included. Easy to operate and use, this air compressor can help you get any job done whether there is electrical power or not.

Schrader 10 HP Diesel Kohler Air Compressor 30 Gallon TankSchrader 10 HP Diesel Kohler Air Compressor 30 Gallon Tank

Proudly assembled in the United States this 10 HP diesel air compressor is ideal for shops and garages. While it does not include a wheel base, it is easy to move with a dolly or fork lift. The 30 gallon horizontal tank is stable and durable, and can be easily drained with the release valve before moving. Run sanders, grinders, nail guns, and blowers with easy, and a one year warranty is also included with the air compressor.

Schrader SA81650K 16.8 HP Diesel Kohler 50-Gallon Tank Air Compressor

Schrader 16.8 HP Diesel Kohler Air Compressor 50 Gallon TankLike all of the company’s air compressors, this one is also assembled in the United States. Featuring a powerful 16.8 HP diesel motor, it is easy to operate and maintain. The 50 gallon tank is durable and easy to drain, and the horizontal design makes it ideal for placing along walls or other small work spaces. While it is intended to be stationary, the air compressor can be easily moved with a dolly. A one year warranty is also included with the purchase of a new air compressor. Use this diesel air compressor in machine shops and mechanics garages, and a pressure gauge is also included with the air compressor.

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Miguel Hernandez

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