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Proxone Air Compressors
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Proxone Air CompressorsProxone manufactures a long list of air compressors and pneumatic tools. With air compressors that range in size from small, easily portable 3 gallon tanks, to the larger ones with tanks capable of holding up to 30 gallons of compressed air. The compressors are durable and dependable, and more importantly they are also affordable. Power small drills and air brushes with a smaller compressor, or use a larger sized one for commercial jobs or bigger home improvement products.

Proxone Air Compressors

There are three main types of Proxone air compressors and they are all designed to help make a job go faster and easier. The three main categories that the company divides the compressors into are designed to make it easier for you to find the best one for your work load.

  • Consumer air compressors are ideal for small projects around the house. They are small and easily portable, and can quickly inflate pool toys and bicycle tires. While these small compressors are not engineered to power larger or multiple pneumatic tools at once, they can handle the smaller staplers and pneumatic wrenches.
  • Contractor air compressors are larger, but often still portable and are intended to be used on busy job sites. They included a long folding handle for easy portability, and can be used to run a variety of different pneumatic tools. Power a framing or nail gun with ease, or use it as part of a roadside repair kit. These air compressors are durable and stable when operating, and can make any contracting job that much easier.
  • Commercial air compressors have the largest tanks, and are often not designed to be moved around. They can hold more compressed air in the larger tank, and give you a long lasting and steady stream of flow of air. These air compressors are often used in automotive garages and in machine shops, along with also being used in the agricultural field. These air compressors can be used to work on amusement park rides and even on oil rigs.

What to Look for In a Proxone Air Compressor

While all Proxone air compressors are manufactured from high quality, long lasting materials, there are some differences between them. Along with deciding on what type of air compressor you will need, you also need to be familiar with certain terms like CFM and PSI. These two ratings are what will determine if you can inflate a bicycle tire or operate a power washer with your air compressor.

  1. Horsepower or HP refers to the force needed to lift weight. For example, you need to have one HP in order to lift 550 pounds one foot per second. The horse power is listed on the motor size, and also in the owner’s manual.
  1. Cubic Feet per Minute or CFM is the most important rating when it comes to choosing the best Proxone air compressor for your work needs. The CFM rating is what measures the speed of the air volume, and it also determines which pneumatic tools you will be able to run with your air compressor. Each pneumatic tool is labeled with the CFM that is necessary to operate it. This rating is also tied with the PSI and they are always listed together.
  1. Electrical Phase can either be single or triple, with most home residences using a single electrical phase. If you plan to use the compressor at work, most machine shops and commercial garages use three prong electrical phases.

Our Final Thoughts

Proxone air compressors are easily divided into three distinct categories making it easier for you to decide which one is right for your jobs. Whether you want to inflate pool toys, or operate a spray gun, this manufacturer has an air compressor that was designed just for you.

Simply find the CFM rating that will best work with your pneumatic tools, and see how quickly a job can be finished. Improve efficiency at work, and finish home improvement projects faster with an air compressor from Proxone.

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