Replacement Parts For Champion Air Compressors

Replacement Parts For Champion Air Compressors
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Replacement Parts For Champion Air CompressorsChampion air compressors have been used in home garages and commercial shops since the early 1900’s. With almost 100 years of experience behind them, Champion is still producing the same high quality and durable pneumatic compressors that they always have.

The company manufactures two different types of air compressors, oil free and lubricated and both feature unique functions. The lubricated air compressors are available as gas, electric, or diesel engine and are ideal for shops, factories, and garages. The oil free pneumatic compressors can be a single or two stage motor, and are designed to operate safely in healthcare facilities, laboratories, and other sensitive industries.

While Champion air compressors are manufactured from high quality and durable materials, normal wear and tear can erode certain parts, and cause others to become clogged. While air hoses and valves will need to be replaced occasionally, your air or oil filters will need to be replaced more often. Your air filters help to keep the engine or hose from becoming clogged with dirt and debris, and allow the compressed air to flow uninterrupted. Oil filters protect the expensive engine from wear and tear, along with blocking dirt particles from getting into the motor. Just like in your vehicle, an air compressor needs to have its filters changed regularly, especially if you plan on using the machine frequently. Here are some of the more commonly used replacement parts for Champion air compressors.

Replacement Parts for Champion Air Compressors

Unloader Valve for Champion Air Compressors M2853

M2853 Unloader Valve designed for use with Champion compressors

This valve will fit most Champion air compressors, and is used to help drain the air tank. To see if this model number will fit your air compressor tank, refer to the owner’s manual.


Z4877 Suction Valve Suction Valve for Champion Air Compressors Z4877designed for use with Champion compressors

This valve can wear out over time, and cause air flow to significantly decrease to the attached tool. It is easy to slip on, and includes the securely fitting safety ring.


Champion 2118531 compatible filter element by Millennium-Filters.

Champion Compatible Filter Element 2118531This hot pink filter is actually manufactured by Millennium-Filters, and is a direct match to the 2118531 series of air filters that slip into some Champion air compressors. It is study and can help to improve air flow, and is often less expensive than the same air filters manufactured by Champion.


Z116 Intake Valve Assembly designed for use with Champion compressors

Designed to replace the Champion intake valves with the same serial number, this intake valve assembly is less expensive and just as effective. Over time the valves can become wrapped and seal as tightly, which can interfere with the performance of the air compressor. Replacing them regularly is only part of extending the life of the machines motor.

Air Compressor Champion Oil Filter Replacement P4222AAir Compressor Services P4222A Champion Oil Filter Replacement

This oil filter can be exchanged for any Champion filter with the same serial number. The oil filter can help to protect the engine from dirt and debris, along with extending the life of your engine. Not only can clogged filters fail to protect the engine, they can also cause blocked air flow and even damaging overheating.


Air Compressor Services P7173A Champion Oil Filter Replacement

Air Compressor Champion Oil Filter Replacement P7173AThis oil filter is slightly smaller and is designed for the 1.5 horse power motors and a little larger. Since the serial number is the same on both filters, it is easy to check and see if this is the right one for you. Remember the better care you take of your air compressor, the longer it will last for you.

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