The Best Air Compressors for Garage Use

Air compressors are one of the most versatile tools I know. And for that reason, with a significant addition of air compressors to your garage, that means a lot for your air tools. One, with an air compressor you can inflate your tires in minutes with minimal hassles. Also, you can inflate other air tools from air impact wrenches, air ratchet, soccer balls, bicycle tires and much more.

The best thing is that an air compressor will demand very little space in your garage. It can perfectly fit in any corner of your garage without causing any troubles. If you need your air compressor on a daily basis, you are still sure that it is capable of maintaining god services all through.

Today there are so many air compressors brands on the market and choosing the right one for your air needs can be hectic. Therefore, this article aims at giving you a list of the five bests air compressors for garage use available in the market. More to that, include a buyer’s guide that will help you to know which factors you should look out for when purchasing your next one.


5 Best Air Compressors for Garage Use


Rolair JC10 Plus Oil-Less Air Compressor


If you are in search of a small, portable air compressor to use in your garage, the Rolair JC10 Plus is the perfect choice for you. As small as it is, this air compressor is capable of handling most of the trim, installation, tire inflation tasks among others perfectly.

With only a weight of 40lbs, this oar compressor is easy to move around within the garage. Thanks to its aluminum-based construction, this air compressor is way lighter than the air compressors made from cast iron. This air compressor can generate a CFM of 2.35 at 90PSI with the courtesy of its 2.5-gallon tank.

Also, it features a single stage 1HP and 1725 RMP motor as well as a two-cylinder pump. The best thing about this air compressor unit is that the pump comes with an oil-less design which significantly reduces the air compressors downtime and increases its convenience.


  • The air compressor has relatively quiet operations with 60 decibels of noise
  • It comes in a roll cage design hence easily portable
  • It is light in weight, 40lbs
  • It comes with an oil-less pump
  • It is a good air compressor for the basic tasks

  • The air compressor cannot manage the heavy duty tasks
  • The motor has a horsepower of the only 1HP


Makita MAC2400 Big Bore Air Compressor


Makita is a big name in the industry for producing some heavy duty machinery. Therefore, this is the perfect choice of air compressor for anyone who would like an air compressor that can handle a little more in car tire inflation among other air needs. It comes with a roll cage construction for the piston pump hence it is exposed to minimal damages.

More to that the air compressor comes with two nozzles and tanks meaning that two machines can be connected and run simultaneously. The motor of the air compressor has a horsepower of 2.5HP which has a mid-range capability. The air compressor has a tank size of 4.2 gallons and runs on a CFM of 4.2 at 90PSI and 4.8 CFM at 130PSI

Also, this oar compressor runs on gasoline, and it has a glass window which helps you to keep track of the oil level in the pump. Therefore, you don’t have to dipstick to know the level of oil in the compressor unit.


  • It comes with the roll cage type of construction
  • It has a steady production of pressure which is suitable for the regular tasks
  • It has a robust and compact construction made of iron
  • The air compressor can hold multiple users
  • It has a low amp motor hence doesn’t trip the circuit breakers

  • The air compressor lacks wheels hence you will have a hard time moving it around
  • It cannot be used indoors due to the fumes produced by gasoline


Porter-Cable PCFP02003 Pancake Air Compressor


This is a pancake air compressor that features a 3.5-gallon reserve tank. More to that it has a maximum working pressure of 135 PSI. This means that the air compressor unit has a longer run life and a quicker recovery time. The pump, on the other hand, comes with an oil-less design which means makes it convenient.

More to that, the air compressor unit comes with a compact and lightweight design since it weighs only 26 pounds. And for that reason, you can move it around your garage with ease. Just like other models of the same category, this air compressor unit comes in the roll bar type of design.

It features a low amp motor that can be connected to a 120v power source. For optimal stability and reduction in vibrations, this air compressor has rubber feet. Finally, the air compressor is capable of all the small tasks ranging from roofing, framing, blowing, inflation and so on.


  • It is light in weight and comes in a compact design
  • It has a large reserve tank hence can store more air
  • The pump comes in an oil-free design with fewer maintenance needs
  • It comes with rubber feet for stability
  • It has a basic easy to operate design with minimal features

  • It is hard to hold and lift this air compressor since its design has no handles or wheels


California Air Tools 10020C Ultra Quiet Air Compressor


This air compressor from the California tools come with plenty of great features which makes it an excellent choice for the garage use. The air compressor has an operation of 70 decibels which is relatively quiet hence making it suitable for most of the working environments. More to that, the air compressor produces a CFM of 6.40 at 40PSI and a CFM of 5.3 at 90 PSI.

One of the significant features in this air compressor that will catch your eyes is the big tank size. This means that the air compressor can hold enough air hence giving you adequate backup when you have larger tasks to complete. The best thing about this garage use air compressor is that it is easily portable from one job site to the other.

Although the air compressor is not entirely light in weight, it comes with wheels as well as a handle which makes it easy to maneuver this air compressor unit. Also, the air compressor features a control panel which has two ¼ inch quick connectors hence you can connect two tools simultaneously.


  • The air compressor features a control panel
  • The pump of the AC unit comes in an oil-free design
  • It has ultra-quiet operations with 70 decibels of noise
  • It has wheels and a handle for easy transportation and storage
  • It has a low amp motor hence can easily quick start even in cold weather

  • It has some possible air leaks after some time of use
  • It may be hard to lift if you need it for roofing


Eagle EA 3000 Silent Series Hot Dog Air Compressor


This air compressor from the eagle series is capable of achieving four times longer lifespan more than its counterparts. This is because it has an oil-free ump as well as a low amp motor. During the standard operations, this air compressor unit averages a PSI of 100 PSI and a maximum PSI of 125 PSI in case of strenuous activities.

The air compressor features two pistons. Therefore, it works harder than most of its counterparts. Also, it has low noise operations which makes the air compressor suitable for garage use. The peak decibels of this air compressor is 46 decibels when at its peak.

The low RMPS increase the lifetime of this air compressor hence it can go for an extended period without needing a recovery period. However, the motor has a horsepower of 1HP and a CFM of 2 which may be relatively lower than normal.


  • The air compressor features very quiet operations of 46 decibels of noise
  • It is easily portable
  • It has two pistons hence it produces even performance levels
  • It has a PSI of 125 hence it can do most of the medium duty tasks
  • It has a built-in handle for easier portability

  • It has a small motor with just 1 HP
  • It has a tank gallon size of 1


Buyer’s Guide for Best Air Compressors for Garage Use
  1. Features

When considering the features of an air compressor unit, you should look out for the task you are likely to perform using that air compressor unit.

Some of the useful features that must be included are; the air hose, a handle, wheels and a glass gauge in case you are using the oil based pumps.

  1. The Power

This depends on the nature of the tasks you are likely to be performing. For the heavy duty tasks, you should go for an air compressor that can match the power demands.

Since power and the motor are a crucial thing in air compressors ensure that you know the horsepower of the air compressor you settle for. Also, ensure you check the tank capacity of the air compressor.

  1. Performance

Go for that air compressor that will do well in all climatic conditions. Also, go for an air compressor depending on the nature of the tasks you will be performing. Ensure that your air compressor can hold up to the demands of your jobs.


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