The Best Quiet Air Compressor

Air compressors are excellent products which help us take care of most large and small tasks. Therefore, if you have your air compressor unit, it will be beneficial when you need to complete your hobbies or a few home improvements.

This involves projects like finishing the trims with pneumatic guns and running the small-scale tools for the engraving of the low volume sprayer paint models. An air compressor unit is a great tool when you want to produce highly detailed work. In that case, it should be as quiet as possible to avoid causing distractions to your neighbours.

Well, If you’d like quiet air compressors, you should not worry because there are a variety of air compressors in the market. Some are ranked quieter compared to others. Such air compressors are suitable when working in a quiet environment.

This article, therefore, aims at discussing the best handpicked quiet air compressors in the market today. More to that, we will examine the best way to choose these quiet air compressors.

The 10 Quietest Air Compressors List

  1. Makita Big Bore MAC2400 2.5HP Air Compressor

Makita never disappoints when it comes to making impressive products. This time they have come up with a quiet air compressor unit which is more than a workhorse. This air compressor from Makita features the Big Bore technology which has a motor with a horsepower of about 2.5.
This means that the motor has a higher recovery time, therefore, can handle most of the jobs thrown at it. Also, the 2.5 HP motor delivers a CFM of 4.2 at a PSI of 90. This dictates the increased productivity of this air compressor. The amount of power produced by this air compressor is insanely high therefore it gets your jobs done in a short period.
On the other hand, it has an oil lubricated pump which is responsible for reducing wear and tear in the air compressor unit. The reduced friction also allows for cooler running temperature during the operations. The pump features cast iron which enhances the overall performance of the air compressor unit.
The low amperage rate is a way of preventing the chances of experiencing the tripped breakers when starting the air compressor unit. The overall construction of the air compressor is made from roll cage which is safe enough to protect all the components of the air compressor unit.
This guarantees you safer operations free from any accidental damages. Also, it increases the durability of both cylinders. Generally, the Makita MAC2400 is a small compact and quiet air compressor unit ideal for extended working hours. The air compressor is also designed to endure even the harshest working and weather conditions.


  • The air compressor has a sturdy cast iron construction for durability
  • It has ultimately quiet operations with 79 decibels of noise.
  • Low amperage rate when starting up the air compressor
  • It is flexible since it has two hose outlets
  • Features a colossal bore cylinder plan
  • It has a compact package which features massive 4.5-gallon capacity
  • It has a built-in roll cage and carrying handle
  • The pump is oil lubricate therefore enhances cooler operations and prevents wearing out
  • Have non-skid feet made of rubber to reduce vibrations during operations as well as preventing the AC from damaging the floor
  • It has a high CFM rating
  • It has an oil sight glass which eases the maintenance and efficiency of the tank
  • It has a large filter which is made from automotive grade

  • It is heavy therefore heavy to carry around
  • It has a low tank capacity
  • It requires specific extension cables for better operations
  • It needs constant lubrication for smooth operations


  1. Senco quiet air compressor

The Senco PC1010 is a one of a kind air compressor. The AC unit is a lightweight, portable machine that allows easy manoeuvring. Additionally, the device is ultra-quiet so you can use it even in a quiet neighbourhood.

This quiet air compressor offers high performance in a small compact package. More to that, the machine is capable of providing ample amounts of pressure for simple to more complex jobs that require the use of a pneumatic tool.

With this machine, you are sure you can quickly take care of most of the house chores that require the need for an air compressor unit. The device can deliver up to 44 drivers per minute making it the ideal tool for a variety of jobs.

The air compressor comes with a lube-free pump hence you won’t have to worry about the machine messing up your entire working space. Also, the AC unit has an aluminium cylinder which is quite durable.

The machine comes with one horsepower peak and ½ horsepower which runs on one-gallon capacity. This compressor packs enough punch to complete your jobs in the house. The device also takes 128 seconds to pump and 35 seconds to recover, so you don’t have to waste time waiting for the engine start up. Buy one of this, and your DIY jobs will be quickly taken care of.

With the little noise levels that come out of this machine while it runs, your entire neighbourhood will rest easy. More to that, the quiet air compressor has rubber feet which won’t scratch your floors while you operate it. That makes it the perfect air compressor to use at home.


  • The machine is very quiet. That is, it comes with ultra-quiet 68 decibels which makes it the ideal air compressor for quiet operations.
  • The Senco air compressor comes with rubber feet which reduces the pressure it applies to your floor.
  • Low maintenance levels
  • The quiet air compressor comes with a ½ HP
  • The AC unit comes with a one year warranty
  • Electricity powers the device
  • Also, the air pumps are oil-free so that you won’t have any awful smells
  • It comes with aluminium tanks which make it safer to use at home

  • The machine has a low air capacity
  • The air compressor is not convenient for pumping air in tires or gun spraying
  • You will have to replace the AC unit because it can’t do a lot of work for years
  • The machine comes with internal wires
  • Doesn’t have proper routes


  1. California 5510SE Ultra Quiet Air Compressor unit

The California Air Tools 5510SE is one of the best air compressor units for both commercial and home uses. This is because, California Air tools are not only focusing on creating oil-free, cost-effective and noise free air compressors but also eco-friendly ones.

This air compressor weighs about 49lbs which means that its very light in weight. Also, it has a compact and portable design. Therefore, you can carry this machine around easily during your operations. On the other hand, we have the oil-free pump which is designed to minimise wear hence saving you extra costs incurred through maintenance.

Electricity also powers this air compressor, therefore, works with electric outlets of about 110 volts. This means that as long as you are near a reliable power source, this air compressor unit will work effectively. The AC unit boasts of a powerful pump that can comfortably deliver about 2.2 CFM at a PSI of 90 hence an excellent pneumatic tool.

More to that, the air compressor runs on a motor that is capable of a running HP of 1.0 as well as a peak HP of 2.0. In that case, this air compressor unit performs at high efficiency level but still maintaining a low level of noise. The AC unit also features integrated wheels and a handle which makes it quite easy to manoeuvre the air compressor despite its large tank size.

This is the perfect selection for users who will need to complete work involving some pneumatic nail gun tasks like carpenters and contractors. Settle for this AC unit if you are looking forward to less turnaround time as well as would like to cut on the assembly.


  • It has a massive gallon capacity tank of 5.5
  • It has a wide variety of CFMs which gives the tool greater versatility
  • The air compressor has ultra-quiet operations which feature 60 decibels of noise
  • The machine has a maximum PSI of 120 meaning that it has shorter recharge cycles.
  • It is convenient to transport since it has a built-in carrying handle and wheels
  • Electricity powers the air compressor
  • It features more than one USB port which is compatible with standard power outlets
  • It has a thermal overload protector
  • The air compressor’s pump is oil free which facilitates cleaner and better operations
  • It has a low amp rate of 8.5 hence quick start-ups
  • This AC unit is great for airing up tires

  • The air compressor cannot work for long hours because it lacks a lubricant system
  • This air compressor can only produce minimum energy
  • It uses a single folio
  • Some users have complained about the poor craftsmanship of this AC unit
  • It has a low air capacity, therefore, cannot be used in massive duty projects


  1. Rolair JC10 plus 1 HP Oil-less Quiet Air Compressor

The Rolair happens to be the best combination of high performance and portability in one machine. The machine is quite easy to use, comes with suitable PSI and CFM to get the job done. In my opinion, this compressor is incomparable to any other.

After you have experienced how hard it is to be around the small and loud compressor, you will appreciate this model. With a noise level of 60 decibels, you can efficiently use this machine without having to worry about its loudness. The AC unit is ranked among the quietest compressors in the market.  More to that, the Rolair comes with rubber feet which also reduces the vibrations it makes while in use.

The compressor comes with a carry handle that protects it from accidents whenever you are using it.  Better than that, the machine comes with fittings, metal constructions and an aluminium tank that help it to last a lifetime. The Rolair can handle any pressure applied to it.

The best part of this air compressor is that you won’t have to worry about it making oil spills all over your working area. That is because the AC unit comes with an oil-less motor which is perfect for getting rid of the oil problem. The oil-less motor also helps reduce any noise without you having to sacrifice more power.

You can comfortably manoeuvre around with this machine since it is very portable. Also, it can push air at 2.35 CFM to run one roofing gun. It is among the best air compressor to have in your home.

The machine features a solenoid valve which helps to regulate pressure hence faster and better restarts.8AMPs draw helps to ensure better and quicker restarts even when the weather is cold. Also, the Rolair comes with a ball valve drain and a regulator which helps in making the operations easier and better.


  • The Rolair comes with a much higher PSI and CFM range compared to other models in the market.
  • The machine features a quiet operation of 60 decibels. This makes it one of the quietest air compressors in the market.
  • The machine is built with a 6.3 gallons tank which is quite massive compared to other air compressors. The extra size of the tank ensures more efficient operation.
  • The AC unit comes with a handle and integrated wheels which make it way easier to move the machine
  • Thanks to the power air compressor system, you can now enjoy low recharge time while using the device

  • The air compressor is very bulky which may be a problem when you are trying to operate this device in tight places.
  • The machine doesn’t have any shroud protection system or motor
  • Since the quiet air compressor comes with high AMP draws, you will have often breaker trips when you are using the device at home.


  1. Makita Big Bore Mac700 Air Compressor

The Makita Mac700 is an excellent choice if you are looking for a relatively quiet air compressor which comes with an exceptional build capacity. This air compressor unit has a wide variety of features which enhances its efficiency.

When we compare the Makita MAC 700 with other competing products, it can pump a lot of air with only a few strokes. This makes it more effective as well as have lower noise levels and RMP compared to its competitors. The lower RMP rate means that the air compressor has lower noise levels too.

This air compressor features a pump with high quality cast iron which requires constant oil lubrication. The fact that the pump needs oil to function effectively, that guarantees you of a longer lifespan. This is because the oil prevents the pump from wear. Also, the unit boasts of the latest technology design which is reliable and very stable.

The air compressor unit operates under an engine with a standard amount of current; a 2.0HP motor. In that case, you can use the usual outlets for power comfortably. This construction and design ensure that power overload or power tripping. For that reason, you will incur very low electricity bills when using this air compressor.

When it comes to noise levels, this air compressor produces only 80 decibels of noise which is relatively agreeable. More to that, this air compressor delivers 3.3 CFM at a PSI of 90 as well as 3.8 CFM at a PSI of 40. The maximum operating pressure on the hand hits a PSI of 130. This means that the air compressor has a faster recovery time which means lower electricity consumption.

The cast iron cylinder and pump mean that the air compressor unit is durable hence can stand the test of time comfortably. Also, it can withstand harsh weather conditions as well as tough operations. The air filter enhances your safety during your procedures.

Generally, this air compressor is easy to use and has straightforward operations. The design is light in weight and convenient. All in all, it is not suitable for any heavy duty activities.


  • The air compressor comes with a high-quality construction
  • It has a thermal overload feature which protects the engine from overheating.
  • The unit is light in weight therefore very portable
  • The air compressor unit has a low noise level hence ultra-quiet operations
  • It comes with an easy to operate the layout
  • The air compressor has a lower electricity consumption rate

  • This air compressor is expensive
  • This air compressor is not suitable for heavy duty tasks


  1. California 2010A Quiet Air Compressor

The California air compressor is one of the best quiet compressors in the market. The AC unit is quite durable compared to other machines in the market. It will provide you with smooth operations ideal for household activities.

Due to the noise efficiency of this equipment, you can make a conversation with your friend while the machine is working.  You also won’t have any problems with your neighbours because of the noisy operations of an air compressor. The device has a sound level that goes up to 60 decibels which is quite low for an air compressor. The AC unit also includes a thermal protector which activates when there is an overload.

The machines feature handy and sturdy 1.0 Horsepower engine that is capable of reaching up to 1680 rotations per minute speed. The air compressor also has the possibility of reaching up to 120-PSI.

The power is not much but is enough to handle most of the small tasks in your home. The best part about its strength is that it also helps in the reduction of noise while the AC unit is operational. This feature puts the California air compressor among the top AC units with quiet operations.

The dual oil-less pumps in this machine will drastically reduce your maintenance cost and frequency. When you are operating the air compressor, you will minimise excess oil spills around your workplace. The dual pistons are also very useful and can handle standard tasks that require the performance of pumps that are lubricated.

The machine can work up to 3000 hours without it going down. More to that, the air compressor can operate with maximum efficiency in any terrain or temperature. Overall, the California air compressor is an excellent equipment that you can shop in the market. The only big problem with this machine is that it lacks enough juice to handle heavy-duty task, but you can comfortably finish any medium or light work around your household.


  • The machine features an oil-less pump
  • Ultra-quiet
  • Comes with a one year warranty
  • The air compressor features rust less aluminium tank
  • The maintenance cost of this machine is highly reduced
  • The air compressor comes with a two-gallon air tank

  • The device is not able to handle heavy duty tasks
  • It is a bit expensive compared to others.


  1. DEWALT DWFP55130 Quiet Trim Air Compressor

This is the perfect choice for an air compressor for you if you are looking for light duty and quiet unit. It is an excellent solution to most of the light function and heavy-duty tasks. The best thing about this air compressor is that you will enjoy quiet operations.

This feature qualifies the air compressor as a great addition to the household pneumatic tools. Although it’s not great for the commercial uses, it’s an excellent tool for the hobbyists too.

When this air compressor unit is compared to the other air compressors, this one is capable of a 50% more duty cycle. This means that you can use the air compressor unit for about thirty minutes. That is an excellent performance for the small trimming jobs.

If you’d like to perform tougher jobs, it’s advisable that you consider a bigger air compressor unit. The Dewalt DWFP55130 tends to overheat more than usual when performing heavy-duty tasks.

Besides having a light and portable design, this air compressor unit is user-friendly. Also, the low noise levels guarantee you quieter performance hence you will enjoy additional comfort. This air compressor weighs about 40 pounds. Therefore, you can move it around comfortably.

At other times, you can consider carrying the air compressor on your truck or RV if you’d like to use it as an inverter or generator. The air compressor also features a roll cage design as well as the built-in handle. These two features ensure that you place the air compressor unit vertically as you go about your operations as well as when storing it.

The air compressor can also manage 12 amps when you are working at full power. For that reason, you will be able to place the air compressor in an 110V outlet. All in all, you should be careful to input the air compressor unit at the same time as the air compressor. The unit has a 56 inches long cord which means that you can only use the air compressor if you are closer to the power source.

Generally, this air compressor is a great choice if you are looking for a tool that will help you air your car tires in the garage, home or the workshop. However, you will not expect the air compressor to operate for an extended period, but it is a convenient, handy tool that operates conveniently without noise.


  • It has a robust construction
  • It has quiet operations/span>
  • It has simple to use and easy to read controls
  • The overall structure and design is light in weight
  • You can use the air compressor both vertically and horizontally
  • It is easy to transport
  • It has a maximum pressure of about 200 PSI
  • It has a compact and light design
  • It has a 2.5-gallon size tank which is enough for the small tasks

  • The air has the presence of gas which makes it prone to accidents
  • This air compressor is not environmentally friendly
  • It has a short power cable


  1. Dewalt D55140 Quiet Air Compressor

This air compressor comes with oil-free pumps that will reduce the cost of maintenance and the frequency. Additionally, the pumps are durable and can last a lifetime. The fact that the pumps are oil-free, it helps you maintain a clean environment whenever you use the machine. The Dewalt air compressor has little AMP of 2.6 motor which provides you with an easy opportunity while starting it hence minimise the breaker tripping.

The best part is that the machine comes with a low decibel of 71. That is why this air compressor is ideal for household use hence you don’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbours.

The Dewalt air compressor features a roll cage which reinforces the control panel. This protections keep the critical components of the air compressor safe.

The compressor is quite light with a weight of 24 pounds and is 9 inches thick. This also compliments its portability. Therefore, you can easily move it around. The machine is compact making it easy to store the AC unit.

The AC unit comes with a ball valve that allows easy draining. Also, the quick coupler helps to support the machine. More to that, the air compressor comes with a cord stole that aids in proper storage of the device.

You can conveniently use this machine to tackle most of your DIY chores since it is compact and portable. With a .76 CFM and one-gallon tank, this machine can handle most of the housework with ease. Whether you are making quick work of remodelling some parts of your home or merely testing the plumbing lines, this machine will make your job easier.

The machine features high flow regulator which improves the performance.. More to that, the machine features heavy-duty iron components that enhance its longevity.


  • The AC unit comes in a compatible size hence storage is easy.
  • The Dewalt air compressor comes with oil-free pumps which enhance the hygiene of your working area.
  • The long life pump helps reduce maintenance cost and frequency
  • The Dewalt air compressor features a one year warranty so you can shop with ease./span>
  • The machine is a quick universal coupler
  • With a 69-decibel noise level, the air compressor is the perfect equipment in noise-free neighbourhoods.

  • The Dewalt air compressor is not ideal for heavy duty tasks
  • The machine cannot work for long hours without any rest.
  • Drain opening if found very close to the flow.


  1. California Air Tools 1610A Ultra Quiet Air Compressor

If you are in search of an air compressor unit that has at least 60 decibels of noise, this is a great choice. Therefore, you can go about with your operations without having to shout too much and having ear fatigue. In addition to that, this air compressor unit does not require oil for maintenance.

The pump is also oil free hence it reduces your hassle with oil lubrication. You don’t have to change oil regularly like in other air compressor units. The tank size features a 1.6-gallon rust-free aluminium material. This feature is a great one especially for the people who live in humid areas.

The air compressor is also handy and easily portable owing to its 35 pounds’ weight. You enjoy its compact design without going through too much hassle. The pressure gauge, on the other hand, ensures that you can keep track of the pressure produced by the air compressor during the operations.

It has an automatic switch which turns off when the air compressor reaches a PSI of 120. In addition to that, there is a standard household voltage. Therefore, there is no need to have any additional accessories. The 1HP motor is capable of 7.6 amps, and the maximum speed rate can hit a high of 1680 RMP. With such effective operations, the air compressor guarantees you of durability and low noise output.

This air compressor has a feature that protects it from thermal overload as well as overheating hence increasing the longevity of this air compressor unit. Also, it has a dual piston which helps you to displace the units in a short period. In about 90 seconds, the air compressor can deliver up to a PSI of 90 and a CFM of 2.35.

In that case, this air compressor is an excellent addition to your toolbox if you’d like a unit for the small household tasks. All in all, this air compressor is the quietest one in the market today. However, the high price tags is a disadvantage to most people although you will get high-quality performance at the end of the day.


  • The air compressor has a quick universal connector
  • It has a maximum operation of up to one hour
  • It has a sturdy and rust-free aluminium construction
  • It is light in weight and compact
  • It has a thermal overload protector
  • It is quiet and convenient with only 60 decibels of noise

  • It is expensive


  1. Hitachi KNT50AB Quiet Air Compressor

If you are looking for an ultra-quiet air compressor, then you need not look any further. Hitachi air compressor features a noise level of 59 decibels whenever it cycles which is almost the same level as a normal conversation.

This air compressor is the first in the company. With the new and improved oil-free pumps, this machine promises to serve you for a long time with very little to zero maintenance. Durability is the primary focus in the Hitachi air compressor.

The Hitachi air compressor also features an overload protection system that will stop as soon as it detects the engine is overheating. Hitachi air compressor produces 0.8 CFM at 90 PSI which is enough power to operate most of the home projects.

With the pressure switch and lock regulator means that you won’t have to worry about a machine that is pressure-starved as it operates. A roll cage made of steel protects the essential components of the air compressor responsible for simple operations and pressure adjustments.

The Hitachi air compressor also features stainless steel hose which remains flexible and resists corrosion. More to that, the air compressor comes with an easy to use ball valve for tank draining, feet that are shock absorbing and hence reduce any vibrations while the machine is operational and a quick coupler. The coupler also enables one-handed hose connection.

The best part is that the air compressor comes with a rubber carry handle which makes the Hitachi machine easy to transport. The tank of this compressor is in front. The rubber feet in this compressor helps reduce vibrations, therefore, reducing the noise.


  • The air compressor comes with a one-gallon air tank.
  • With a 59 decibels sound level, you can efficiently use the Hitachi air compressor in any home setting.
  • The air compressor comes with an oil-free pump that helps maintain hygiene levels around your work area.
  • The AC unit features a motor overload protection system that quickly shuts off the entire machine when there is an overload
  • The air compressor is portable and weighs 25 pounds
  • It has a draw of 2.8A

  • The air compressor can only manage light tasks.


Buyer’s guide when purchasing the best quiet air compressor

Finding the perfect quiet air compressor can be an uphill task especially if you don’t know what to look for. You will have to answer some questions as you search for that ideal AC unit for you.

When buying a quiet air compressor, you should always check for the exact specifications listed. What if you don’t understand the various acronyms? Well, you need to understand what each symbol means so that you know what you are buying.

For that reason, we are going to discuss the various factors you should consider as well as the meaning of multiple symbols you are likely to encounter when shopping for a quiet air compressor.

PSIOil-lessCFMHPTank size
Usually, when the manufacturers describe the air compressor, you will never lack the ‘PSI’ symbol. This factor is crucial especially if you are looking for a small portable air compressor. The higher the PSI number, the more effective your small tank compressor will be.

I’m sure if you have been searching through the descriptions of various air compressor, you have come across the word oil-less.  This is an essential trait in air compressors. Mostly because it reduces the regular changes you will have to do when you are using an oil-air compressor.

Unfortunately, most of the oil-less air compressor doesn’t last long but are quite ideal for average household uses. If you are looking for an air compressor to complement your DIY projects, then the oil-less air compressor will fit you perfectly.

The symbols mean cubic feet per minute in full. This is also another essential element in an air compressor because it will provide you with the speed rate which air compressors supply with air. If the air is not supplied in sufficient amounts, it means you will have to take a longer time to finish your project.

You should check air compressors that range between 0.6 CFM to about 2.8CFM.

This factor is not a primary concern since it is controlled majorly by the CFM. For that reason, you shouldn’t consider the HP in a given air compressor. All in all, the HP is usually between 2 or 1 when you are looking for the best quiet air compressor.

The tank size of an air compressor is critical since it will determine the capacity of your machine. The more the capacity of your air compressor, the more the air it can hold. If you buy an air compressor with a small air tank, then you will have to refill it regularly.

You can opt for an air compressor that has a one to two gallons tank. This will help save time as you do your project.

Now that I’ve taken you through some of the best quiet air compressors on the market today as well as the buyers I hope you have an insight I what to look for. However, you should know that your selection entirely depends on your individual needs.

The overall idea remains, choosing the quietest air compressor unit so that you can go about your tasks without disturbing your neighbours or people in the household.

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